A transcript is a record of a student’s academic performance. The transcript lists all courses in the specific year and semester/session in which they were taken, the final grade for each course and the semester and cumulative grade point average (GPA).

Students should monitor carefully their transcripts at the end of each semester to ensure they are in good academic standing. Students who are not in good academic standing, that is whose GPA falls below 2.00, should meet immediately with their academic advisor. [link to Calculating the GPA]

Official Transcripts

Students whose accounts are current may request an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office. Effective Tuesday, 1st December 2020 electronic transcripts (e-transcripts) are being provided. Please be advised that the issuance of electronic transcripts for students who were in enrolled in The College of The Bahamas/University of The Bahamas prior to fall 2006, are not accessible in Parchment. Therefore, requests will have to be made for paper transcripts instead via the Parchment portal or at the Cashiers window on campus.

Students and alumni may apply online for an official transcript that will be securely and electronically forwarded directly to the intended institution or organisation. Once payment is remitted, the provision of the transcript is expected to take no more than two business days. To access the Parchment Storefront portal, click here. The option of requesting the traditional printed transcript is still available. For this option, the transcript request form is accessible here.

To submit questions or feedback, please email registrartranscripts@ub.edu.bs.

Steps for Requesting an E-Transcript

  1. Log on to Parchment Storefront.
  2. Click “Create Account” if you are a new user, or if you are a returning user then log into your existing account.
  3. All fields must be filled unless otherwise indicated, then click “SUBMIT”.
  4. Under the “Select Documents” section, you are required to indicate where you would like your documents sent. This may require you to use the search dialogue box, or send to yourself, another individual or third party by clicking the blue links.
  5. Select the product type you would like to request.
  6. Indicate the “Name” and “Email” of the recipient and purpose of your request (by selecting an option from the drop down menu) for your electronic transcript to be sent.
  7. Once completed, you can purchase an additional transcript by clicking “Add Another Item” and repeat steps 4-6. Or, you can click “Continue”.
  8. Your order details will display, which will allow you to review your purchase.
  9. Once you have reviewed, click “CHECKOUT”.
  10. Read and accept the consent form to release your academic records. Once completed, check the “I accept” box to the bottom left and then click NEXT.
  11. You will then be required to enter your billing information to purchase the transcripts. Once completed, click “NEXT”.
  12. Review your order for the last time. Once you have confirmed that all the given information is accurate and correct, click “CONFIRM”.

Step 12 successfully completes the e-transcript order.

Unofficial Transcripts

Students can download an unofficial copy of their transcript using Self Service. [Click here to Access]