The University of The Bahamas experience is intended to make a positive impact on the whole person. Students are faced not only with intellectual challenges, but also emotional ones, developing meaningful relationships, family changes, stress, anxiety, and depression, all of which the Counselling and Health Services Department is dedicated to helping students confront successfully.

Individual and other forms of therapy are available to students free of charge. Counsellors are well-trained professionals, possessing a minimum of a master’s degree in the professional area. Counseling sessions are confidential, and appointments are scheduled with discretion and respect for the needs and desires of students.

The Department offers the following services:

Student Development Seminars
The Student Development Seminar/Counselling 001 is a compulsory twelve-week orientation seminar. The seminar provides information about self-evaluation, study skills, learning styles, time management, stress management, and College policies. Students also gain experiential social learning through community placement exercise or self-enrichment and personal growth by attending Developmental Workshops/seminars.

Each semester, the Counselling & Health Services Department presents a series of lectures focusing on topics like Presentation Skills; Anger Management; Career Planning During Uncertain Economic Times; Understanding Your Past to Positively Impact Your Future; Study Skills and Healthy Lifestyles.

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Career Development Resources
Career development services offer students assistance in making decisions, goal setting and acquiring the planning skills necessary to reach desired career goals. Students may participate in individual counselling, personality inventories, and computer-aided guidance programmes.

Also available are resources in the form of print materials, videos, CDs and other media, which can help students understand personal strengths, make wise decisions about majors, and begin to explore career options. Information about graduate schools, graduate entrance test materials, and occupational profiles and descriptions can also be found in the career resource area.

Regular workshops on job-search skills and strategies and opportunities to interact with professionals and experts from many fields are also provided. The annual Careers and Job Fair brings employers and alumni representatives on campus to promote careers and to recruit part-time and full-time students.

Students seeking employment and/or internship programmes and additional information related to careers and the job search are invited to log on and register at
Employers and alumni wishing to participate in our internship programmes and/or to recruit part-time and/or full-time students can log on to
Both students and employers will also have the option of using the multi-school networking system of colleges and universities in the NACElink membership around the world.

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Health Services
At the Health Services office, a registered nurse is available weekdays for screening acute illnesses and injuries and offering advice for everyday health problems. The nurse works closely with area doctors whose offices are within walking distance of campus. A private general clinic and a pharmacy are situated in a building across the street from the Student Services Centre. Health education and wellness materials are available for personal use or class preparation.

To offer optimum care, it is important that the Health Services unit have on file all student medical records pertaining to pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and epilepsy. Also, regular updates of family telephone numbers ensure immediate communication in case of emergency. College regulations require documentation of Measles/Rubella vaccination for resident and full-time students.

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Camille Smith, Director
BSW /Bachelor of Social Work
MSW /Master of Social Work
University Centre for Counselling and Career Services
University of The Bahamas
Ph: (242)427-1772 Dept Cell