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Banner 9 was released Monday, June 11th at 1:00 p.m for general access with online registration go-live Monday, June 25th at 12:01a.m.


PowerCampus and the accompanying Self-Service module has been operational since 2006. It has served the institution well as we transformed our operating model and system architecture from an AS/400 onto a Windows based platform. PowerCampus will eventually be totally phased out over the next few months as we transition to a more robust solution with improved capabilities and a modern interface.

While we transition from one system to the next, PowerCampus Self-Service will remain operational as we continue to service the needs of CELEARN in PowerCampus. The legacy system will continue supporting short courses, upgrading, enhancement and certificate based courses.

Banner 9

Banner 9 delivers a number of important enhancements, including a modern user interface, enhanced navigation and process management tools, and new functionality across the Student, Finance and HR systems. It will also give us greater flexibility as we’ll be able to run Banner on any modern browser.

Aas we move towards a more streamlined access model, your login to Banner Self-Service uses your assigned network credentials used for login to lab computers and your email. That means one less ID and password combination to manage.

To see whats coming check out these quick videos:

Here are some additional resources to help you learn more about whats coming in Banner 9: