University of The Bahamas was chartered on 10th November 2016 by an Act of Parliament of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  The University is governed by the Board of Trustees which is responsible for the general direction and control over the conduct of the affairs of the University. The Board shall be free from undue influence from political, religious, or other external bodies and is responsible for protecting the University from such influence.

The Board of Trustees functions as a legislative body dealing mainly with general policies.  The Board may make Ordinances for the purposes of furthering the mission of the University and the good order and governance of the University.  Board responsibilities include determining the strategic direction or policy matters affecting the University; approving an annual business plan, budget and annual audited accounts; tuition and room and board fees; a risk management strategy; and reviewing and monitoring the management of the University and its performance.

Trustees play an integral role by providing oversight and input regarding the University’s large scale programmatic goals and its financial and physical resources.  They provide leadership in fundraising to sustain the University’s progress and serve as advocates for the University locally, nationally and throughout the world.

The Board meets every quarter; the quorum consists of a two-thirds majority of the serving members.


Functional Standing Committees

Much of the Board’s work is carried out by functional standing committees with appropriate representation from respective constituents; such as students, faculty, staff and alumni.  The standing committees meet as necessary and exercise the powers and perform the duties delegated by the Board.

Pursuant to Article 5.5 of the University of The Bahamas Act, 2016, the Board may delegate the following duties to a functional standing committee:

  • Investment;
  • Audit and financial affairs;
  • Academic affairs;
  • Student affairs;
  • Nomination of trustees;
  • Institutional advancement ;
  • Infrastructural development; and
  • Such other powers and duties that the Board may delegate.

The Board consists of not less than nine and not more than 21 Trustees appointed by the Governor General representing various interests of the University and the public at large. Trustees include:

  • the President of the University, ex-officio;
  • a member selected by each of the following: the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, the Minister responsible for finance and the Minister responsible for education; a member of the Alumni Association selected by the Trustees; and such other persons as may be appointed by the Trustees to ensure the Board has a broad range of competencies, skills and experiences representing business, labour, civil and religious society and the industrial, scientific, cultural and creative community, all of whom shall hold office for a period of four years and who may be reappointed for an additional period not exceeding eight consecutive years in total;
  • the President of the Alumni Association, ex-officio, who shall serve during his/her term in office which shall not exceed eight consecutive years in total;
  • a current faculty member who has been employed for five or more consecutive years and elected by faculty, a staff employee elected by the staff and who has been employed in either line or managerial staff for five or more consecutive years, and a member of the Retired Faculty Association selected by the Trustees after consultation with retired faculty members, all of whom shall serve for a period of two years and who may be reappointed for an additional period not exceeding four years in total; and
  • a full-time UB student elected by the student body who shall serve for a period of one year.
Mrs. Allyson Maynard-Gibson, QC, Chair
Mr. Peter Whitehead, Vice Chair
Dr. Erik Rolland, President, Ex-Officio
Ms. Alexandra T. Hall, Trustee
Mr. Gadville McDonald, Trustee
Professor Bridget Hogg, Faculty Trustee
Ms. Jazmine Romer-Rolle, Alumni Trustee
Mr. Melvert Clarke, Staff Trustee
Mr. Mackenson Charles, Student Trustee
Mr. Brian Jones, Trustee
Mr. D’arcy Rahming, Trustee
Mr. Barry Rassin, Trustee
Mr. Henry St. George, Trustee
Mr. Philip Stubbs, Trustee
Dr. Keith Russell, Trustee
Ms. Kristie Powell, Trustee
Mr. Marcus Laing, Trustee
Ms. Janyne Hodder, Trustee
Dr. Indira Martin, Trustee
Mrs. Debi Williams, Trustee
Mr. Sonless Martin Jr., Trustee

Click here to view the University of The Bahamas Act, 2016  (this link takes you to the Government of The Bahamas website)