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At University of The Bahamas, you’ll join a vibrant community of more than 5,000 students in learning environments throughout The Bahamas with a faculty to student ratio of 1:25.  Our students come predominantly from the Islands of The Bahamas, while others come from Caribbean neighbour territories.  UB campuses are located on the islands of New Providence, Grand Bahama and San Salvador with centres in Exuma and Andros.

We are committed to academic freedom, academic integrity and high standards of ethics, research and teaching.  We are committed to educating the ‘whole’ person with a campus life environment which promotes learning, leadership and service.  This allows us to encourage the values of innovation and creativity.


Courses and Programmes

At UB, we currently offer two graduate programmes and some 55 majors in bachelor and associate degree programmes . Our undergraduate offerings range from the traditional arts and sciences programmes to the professional programmes, with such majors as nursing, teacher education, business and pre-law, undergirded by a core liberal arts curriculum.  As a national institution, the UB mission and, as a result the academic programming, seeks to support and drive national development while ensuring a focus on areas with regional and international significance.

Our UB charter will inform future programme development in ways that push the boundaries within and across disciplines through such areas as the Small Island Sustainability (SIS) Initiative, new and innovative executive programming in the areas of Economics, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism Studies, new horizons in Marine Sciences and Oceanography and, of course, the professional programmes in Nursing, Education, Social Work and Law.  In addition, much will be developed from the work to be mounted through the Government and Public Policy Institute and its charge to monitor the National Development Plan.



Auguring well for the future of research at the University of The Bahamas are the prospects for scholarly investigation in a country that presents unique opportunities in a plethora of areas, most especially history, archaeology, social institutions, psychology and economics. The islands of The Bahamas are members of the great family of the Americas and the Caribbean by reason of shared geography, history, migration and geopolitical ties; yet we are uniquely different in many important ways. Not only was our country the gateway to the encounter of several civilizations, it comprises an archipelago with fascinating geological features and marine and terrestrial flora and fauna, many rare and even unique. Our islands have linguistic gradations that present opportunities for much investigation. Of especial importance is the fact that we operate tourism, hospitality and financial services industries that are significant on a global scale. What adds to an already fruitful research matrix is the excellent relationship UB, as the national tertiary educational institution, enjoys with these industries and the public sector. This is a superb mix for much fruitful investigation that would be applicable to other jurisdictions with which the University is open to collaborating.

Other ideal opportunities for research exist at the Gerace Research Centre (GRC, formerly the Bahamian Field Station), located on the shore of Graham’s Harbour on the north coast of the Bahamian island of San Salvador. In operation since 1971, the Centre has a long and rich history as a field-based classroom for a variety of sciences with facilities which enable students, professors, and researchers from around the world to study in a tropical environment. Geology courses make use of Pleistocene and modern carbonate environments in teaching sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, and field mapping. Biology and Ecology classes make use of the many varied habitats including hypersaline lakes, shrub-covered terrestrial settings, rocky keys, sea grass beds, mangroves, and coral reefs. Increasingly, molecular biology and genetics have become common with groups examining oyster and fire coral populations. Archaeology classes focus on prehistoric and historic sites for which full Bahamian Government approval has been received. While the sciences have traditionally been the focus of visitors to Gerace, art and literature classes have also been taught, with the tropical scenery and rich Bahamian culture providing the focus.

The International Journal of Bahamian Studies is a scholarly peer-reviewed research journal published by University of The Bahamas. The major aims of the journal are to disseminate products of research and academic activity which are relevant to the University and The Bahamas, and to stimulate participation in such activity by members of the University and the national research community.  The journal subscribes to the principles of open access and is indexed and may be found in EBSCOhost databases, the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and Google Scholar.


Campus Life and Service

UB students enjoy rich and varied out-of-classroom activities and participate in any number of clubs, organizations and activities that enhance the UB experience.  There is something to appeal to everyone among the groups and organizations that focus on academic and professional disciplines, athletics, arts and culture, community service, spiritual enrichment and leadership development.


Study Abroad

There are also opportunities to study abroad while earning credits at UB. We have an exciting student exchange and study abroad programme. Students can study at institutions in both English and non-English speaking countries as far away as Europe and closer to home in Latin America and the Caribbean, the United States and Canada.

University of The Bahamas is a great choice. Our graduates have gone on to careers and celebrated achievements in The Bahamas and abroad.  They are making a difference throughout public and private sectors, across industries, professions and disciplines with important community and national development impact. Bahamians can get a quality education at home and students from abroad can feel at home at an institution that boasts international standards of quality and excellence.

Many great things await you at University of The Bahamas.

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