Computer Lab Dos & Don’ts


All computers in the labs are the property of UB and are used daily by a large number of students.  To help maintain the labs aid and ensure a quality experience for all, lab users are required to observe the following rules and regulations. Note that specific computer labs may have additional rules. Use of the computer labs implies consent to these rules.

  • Use one computer only at a time.
  • Food, drinks and the use of tobacco products are not allowed in the labs.
  • Behaviours and activities that disturb other users or disrupt lab operations are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, ‘rough-housing,’ loud music, talk or laughter; using computer areas and chairs for socializing, etc.
  • Be sure to listen to music, videos, or other multimedia content through headphones only.
  • Keep cellular phone use to a minimum and try not to be disruptive. Phones should not be used in speakerphone mode and ringers should be on low or silent.
  • The display or printing of sexually explicit graphics is prohibited.
  • With the exception of headphones, digital cameras, and USB thumb drives, no external hardware may be connected to a lab computer without the assistance of a Techno Mentor.
  • Downloading or installing software on lab computers is prohibited.
  • Printer maintenance activities such as changing paper, ink and toner cartridges and clearing paper jams, are to be carried out by the Techno Mentor or OIT staff only.
  • Students are responsible for all of their materials; OIT is not responsible for files saved on lab computers nor for information stored on personal storage media such as flash drives.
  • Students must log out whenever they have finished using any lab computer. OIT is not responsible for the protection of data or accounts when students leave a computer unattended.
  • Report problems in any computer lab to the Techno Mentor on duty or to the IT Helpdesk on the Oakes Field Campus ( at extension 4588.


Abuse/Destruction of Academic Materials

Students who destroy, alter or make inaccessible computer or other academic reference/resource materials will be required to pay the cost to replace the materials and may be subject to disciplinary action.