Grades & Grade Points
UB uses letter grades and the seven point maximum grading scale. Grade ‘A’ is the highest possible grade and grades below ‘D’ are considered failing. Plus (+) or minus (-) symbols indicate grades that fall above or below the letter grades. Grades of ‘A+’ and ‘D-’ are not used. Click here for grades/policy

Grade points are awarded on the basis of the final grade assigned by the course instructor. Grade points are awarded as follows:

Grade Grade Points
A 4
A- 3.75
B+ 3.50
B 3.00
B- 2.75
C+ 2.50
C 2.00
C- 1.75
D 1.00
F 0

Calculating the GPA
The semester grade point average (GPA) is the weighted average of the grade points awarded for courses taken during a specific semester/session. The cumulative GPA is the weighted average of the grade points awarded for all courses taken to date.

Students can calculate their GPA by dividing the grade points obtained by the number of credit hours attempted (not the credit hours earned).

Course Credit Hours Grade Awarded Grade Points
BIOL109 3 B+ 3 x 3.50 = 10.50
SPAN104 3 C+ 3 x 2.50 = 7.50
ENGW119 3 B 3 x 3.00 = 9.00
HIST114 3 A- 3 x 3.75 = 11.25
NUTR100 2 C 2 x 2.00 = 4.00
MATH 167 3 F 3 x 0 = 0
17 Credit Hours Attempted 42.25 Grade Points Obtained
GPA = 42.25 (grade points obtained) ÷ 17 (credit hours attempted) = 2.49

Failed Courses

Students are encouraged to repeat courses they have failed; however, a student who fails a course 3 times must submit a Request to Repeat a Failed Course to the Chair of the unit responsible for the course. Before attempting the course for the fourth time, the student may be required to take and pass the course prerequisite, complete remedial work or engage in peer tutoring or supplemental instruction. The series of repeats and grades is retained on the student’s transcript; however, only the highest grade is calculated in the GPA.