Welcome to the Faculty of Liberal and Fine Arts!

Are you interested in becoming a game designer, screen writer, video producer, cultural critic, investigative journalist, language interpreter, designer, linguist, or musician? These are just some of the creative careers you can go into based on the courses and programmes we offer in Liberal and Fine Arts. We are all about developing you into a successful creative professional.

A creative professional is able to apply the skills they have learned in creative and innovative ways to solve challenges in their daily work. A creative professional is always critically thinking that there has to be a better, faster and more fun way to do this work! Any career you choose will benefit from this creative outlook. In every Liberal and Fine Arts course, you are learning how to creatively and critically solve for results, whether you are figuring out how to film an interview for media journalism, write a story in English, speak a new language, or shape a clay vessel.

There are also creative careers to consider in fields where you are part of a team that creates events, publications, advertisements, illustrations, music, poems, stories, websites, photographs, animation, games, and so much more. People who find success in creating art, languages, design, music and writing are some of the most generously rewarded people in our society and culture. Think about the music you listen to, the websites you visit, the apps you use, the chair you are sitting in….someone conceived, designed, produced and promoted them.

Comprising English Studies and Communication and Creative Arts, the Faculty of Liberal and Fine Arts offers programmes that contribute to your intellectual development and as well as your development as a creative professional. We prepare you for your role as thoughtful, responsible and productive citizens locally and globally.Our programmes and courses emphasize written and oral communication, critical thinking, analysis, creative expression, problem solving and the inter-connectedness of all people.

Liberal and Fine Arts also serves all UB students through the General Education Programme. Students take three semesters of writing courses and two semesters of the same foreign language in addition to a course in the Humanities. As such, we help to drive the liberal arts mission of the University and help to produce well-rounded students who are better prepared for the world of work, our communities and further academic studies.

You have this chance now that you are in college to try your hand at different disciplines. Take advantage of this opportunity! Challenge yourself with courses that not only help your career, but also that expand the reach of your mind, that get your creativity flowing, and help you express who you are!


Dr. Douglas Barkey, Dean
Office: A-86, Keva M. Bethel Building, Oakes Field Campus
Telephone: (242) 302-4314
E-mail: douglas.barkey@ub.edu.bs

Frances Armbrister, Administrative Assistant II
Office: A-86, Keva M. Bethel Building, Oakes Field Campus
Telephone: (242) 302-4314
E-mail: frances.armbrister@ub.edu.bs