Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs. We are pleased that you have decided to join us at University of The Bahamas (UB) where you are about to begin the journey of a lifetime.  UB offers a variety of programmes that develop you intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually.  The Office of Student Affairs includes academic support, leadership preparation and fun-filled activities. We celebrate your successes and prepare you to become great leaders. We have created a safe, comfortable environment for you, one that makes it easy to learn.

For individuals interested in a smaller campus in a quiet community, our University of The Bahamas-North in East Grand Bahama is the ideal place for you. For more information on the unique opportunities this campus has to offer, visit [link to NBC page].

Like our climate, we are warm and welcoming.  We are committed to a student-centered philosophy that embraces a vibrant and diverse academic community. Our development programmes are socially relevant and produce well-rounded students who are committed to voluntary service and community building. Our signature programmes are designed to give you a phenomenal experience.  Also, there are exciting places to visit and meet other students: the Grab and Go café, the Independence Cafeteria and the Student Government Building at our Oakes Field Campus as well as the student-centered spaces at our other campuses.

To be certain that you have the opportunity to participate in the many out-of-classroom experiences we provide, classes are suspended between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 pm every Thursday. Be sure to visit the Independence Park on the Oakes Field Campus during this time or the centre court of the University of The Bahamas-North as they are always alive with activities.

I encourage you to become familiar with this Student Affairs page and to read the interactive Student Handbook and take full advantage of the many opportunities UB has to offer.  Our UB Student Government Association and over 50 clubs and organisations along with our staff and faculty are ready to welcome you.