The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official voice of University of The Bahamas students. The goal of SGA is to serve and protect the rights of UB students, to advocate for and promote the welfare and interests of the UB student body, to represent the student body on University committees, administrative and academic bodies and to keep members informed of matters related to their common interests. SGA also strives to foster within students a sense of responsibility and pride.


All registered UB students are automatic members of SGA and are entitled to all rights pertaining thereto.  Members are bound by the SGA constitution and bye-laws and are required to observe and comply with its provisions. Members have the right to:

  • vote or cast a ballot in any or all referenda, elections, or general SGA meetings;
  • attend, speak and make submissions at all SGA Senate meetings subject to the rules and regulations of the Senate as stipulated in the SGA constitution and bye-laws;
  • reasonable access and use of SGA facilities subject to the rules and regulations governing access and use.

Honorary membership may be awarded to former SGA members or individuals on the basis of distinguished service and/or invaluable contribution to SGA or the Bahamian community by decision of the SGA Senate. Honorary members provide guidance, inspiration and aid and have the right to attend SGA events and enjoy the amenities and facilities provided by SGA.


SGA is governed by an administrative body, or SGA Board, which consists of two separate branches: the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch, also called the Senate. Executive and legislative officers serve for one academic year and report and answer to the SGA President who, in turn, reports to all members of the SGA.  SGA elections are held every year on 31st March.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch, responsible for the day-to-day operations and administration of SGA, serves as the representative of SGA in the internal and external community, has oversight of all UB clubs and/or organizations and ensures that all provisions of the Constitution are executed.

The New Providence Executive Branch comprises the following elected officers:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary General
  • Deputy Secretary General
  • Director of Finance
  • Deputy Director of Finance
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Deputy Director of Public Relations

The Executive Branch of UB campuses, institutes and/or centres outside of New Providence comprise the following elected officers:

  • Division President
  • Deputy Division Vice President
  • Division Secretary General
  • Division Deputy Secretary General
  • Division Director of Finance
  • Division Deputy Director of Finance
  • Division Director of Public Relations
  • Division Deputy Director of Public Relations


Legislative Branch (Senate)

  • address and investigate issues from the student body, report the concerns and issues of said students in Senate Meetings and decide on courses of action;
  • provide a forum for all student organizations, committees and clubs to present, discuss and resolve matters where applicable;
  • review and approve all proposals by student clubs, organizations, chapters, committees, SGA sub-committees, etc. for monetary support in excess of $2,000.00.


The Senate is comprised of Senators who represent an academic school, institute or centre and/or satellite campus or site, according to the number of students enrolled as follows:

1 – 499 students: one SGA Senator; and

500 and more students: two SGA Senators.

Institutes, centres and/or satellite campuses or sites that have 500 or more SGA members are entitled to two Division Senators. Other institutes, centres and/or satellite campuses or sites that have fewer than 500 members are entitled to one Division Senator.

  • Election by students. Senators may be elected and voted into office by members of the SGA from within his/her respective academic school, institute or centre and/or satellite campus or site.
  • Election by SGA Senators. In the event that no member of the SGA from within an academic school, institute or centre and/or satellite campus or site has been elected Senator, other elected Senators may vote for a student to fill the vacant position or an elected Senator may be the pro tempore representative of the school, institute or centre and/or satellite campus or site.



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