Academic Senate Minutes

Academic Senate

Pursuant to Article 7 of the University of the Bahamas Act, 2016, the academic authority of the University of The Bahamas is vested in the Academic Senate which plays an integral role in the shared governance of the institution. The Senate is responsible for maintaining academic standards and for the regulation and superintendence of the education of UB students. By virtue of the Act, any Ordinance dealing with an academic matter for which the Senate is responsible shall not be made, amended or repealed except after consultation with the Senate.

Senate Authority

The Senate is charged with exercising direct control over academic matters of central importance to the University: determining academic policy, setting conditions for admission and the granting of degrees, authorising and supervising courses and curricula.

  • regulate and ensure the quality of all teaching programmes, courses of study and the conditions under which persons may qualify for degrees, diplomas, certificates and other distinctions and awards;
  • recommend to the Board of Trustees the institution of degrees, diplomas, certificates and other distinctions and awards;
  • regulate and ensure the quality of the admission of persons and categories of persons for the purpose of pursuing programmes or courses of study and regulate and control their continuance;
  • accept courses of study from any other institution or body which possesses the means of affording the proper instruction for such courses as equivalent to such UB programmes or courses of study as the Senate may determine;
  • recommend the awarding of degrees, diplomas, certificates and other distinctions and other awards to persons who have pursued a course of study approved by the Senate and who have qualified for such granting in terms of requirements prescribed by the Senate;
  • recommend academic distinctions including honourary degrees;
  • determine what formalities and requirements shall attach to the conferment of degrees, diplomas, certificates and other distinctions and awards;
  • regulate the use of academic dress in the University;
  • recommend to the Board of Trustees the institution or acceptance of awards such as fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, studentships, prizes and other aids to study and research;
  • approve recommendations for the operation and development of the University libraries;
  • periodically review the academic organisation and development of the University, with special reference to the effectiveness of the work of the University in relation to its mission, including that of providing at appropriate levels education and training responsive to the well-being and needs of the communities within the Bahamian archipelago;
  • periodically review the duties of all faculty while being cognisant of the role of specialised groups including unions and bargaining units;
  • recommend to the Board of Trustees appropriate provision for the personal development and well-being of the students;
  • regulate the discipline of UB students in accordance with Ordinances to be made by the Board;
  • propose to the Board of Trustees new Statutes or Ordinances concerning academic matters;
  • express an opinion on any matter pertinent to the University and the affairs of the University and make recommendations as a result thereof;
  • exercise all such powers, duties and functions as are or may be conferred on it by the University of the Bahamas Act, 2016, Charter and Statutes, including the power to make enabling policies in the exercise of the powers, duties and functions hereinbefore expressly set out and of all other powers, duties and functions of the Senate;
  • establish its own governing bye-laws in accordance with the provisions of the Act;
  • establish such standing committees of the Senate, chaired by a member of the Senate, with representation from staff, students, faculty and administration; and
  • delegate to any standing committee consisting of members of the Senate, such powers, duties or functions assigned to it under the

Comprising officers elected from staff, faculty, students and administration, the 30-member Senate includes:

  • the President of the University, ex officio;
  • two persons elected by each school of the University;
  • two persons elected by Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning;
  • two persons elected by the Culinary or Hospitality Management Unit or any successor institution or academic unit;
  • two persons elected by each campus outside of New Providence;
  • four persons elected from the faculty (two of whom shall be adjunct or part-time);
  • one person elected from counsellors and librarians;
  • eight UB officers carrying out administrative duties who shall be appointed by the President;
  • four members of staff elected from the body of full-time staff; and
  • four students elected from the body of students.

Members of the Academic Senate

Name Constituency Rank/position
Dr. Walteria Tucker-Rolle Administration SCCA, Assistant Professor, Chair
Dr. Theresa Moxey-Adderley SNAHP SNAHP, Assistant Professor, Vice-Chair
Mr. William Fielding Staff Director, Institutional Strengthening, Secretary
Ms. Catharine Archer Coun/Lib Librarian II, Assistant Secretary
Dr. Edward Bethel CELEARN Director, Open Learning, Parliamentarian
Dr. Aniska Taylor-Tanis Adjunct Faculty
Mrs. Sheena Davis Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Erik Rolland Administration President & CEO
Dr. Maria Woodside-Oriakhi Administration Vice-President, Academic Affairs
Dr. Andrew Moxey Administration Dean of Faculty, UB-North
Dr. Marlo Murphy-Braynen Administration Dean, Business
Mrs. Remelda Moxey Administration Dean, Graduate Studies and Research
Dr. Douglas Barkey Administration Dean, Liberal & Fine Arts
Dr. Susannah Gal Administration Dean, Pure & Applied Sciences
Dr. Thalia Micklewhite Administration Dean, Social & Educational Studies
Dr. Dion Hepburn Faculty-At-Large Associate Professor
Dr. Syed Qudus Faculty-At-Large Assistant Professor
Mrs. Dale McHardy SBUS Assistant Professor
Mrs. Michelle Cunningham SBUS Assistant Professor
Dr. Marky Jean-Pierre SCCA Assistant Professor
Dr. Paul Jones SCCA Associate Professor
Dr. Larry Russell Jr. SCELS Assistant Professor
Dr. Veronica Toppin SCELS Assistant Professor
Dr. Natasha Jones-Swann SEDUC Assistant Professor
Dr. Norrisa Newton SEDUC Assistant Professor
Dr. Christine Kozikowski SES Assistant Professor
Dr. Marie Sairsingh SES Professor
Dr. Amir Kabir SMPT Assistant Professor
Mrs. Renate Roberts-McWilliam SMPT Assistant Professor
Mrs. Karol Mackey-Missick SNAHP Assistant Professor
Dr. Nicolette Bethel SOSC Associate Professor
Dr. Yvette Pintard-Newry SOSC Associate Professor
Dr. Ruth Gardiner THe CALM Associate Professor
Mr. Eldred Saunders THe CALM Assistant Professor
Ms. Gladys Sawyer UB-North Counsellor II
Ms. Gladys Pinder-Miller CELEARN Senior Administrative Assistant
Ms. Bridgette Stuart Staff Assistant Director, IT Asset Manager
Mr. Renbert Mortimer II Staff Public Relations and Brand Coordinator, OUR
Mrs. Claire Charlow-Patton Staff Registrar
Mrs. Leterah Munnings UB-North Director, CELEARN
Ms. Ketia Atilus Student
Ms. Serenity Danielle Dieufaite Student
Ms. Lakeithra McSweeney Student
Mr. Jamaro Thompson Student

Date: 28 September 2022