Dear UB Community,

Are you interested in pursuing a Master’s or PhD program?

The Organization of American States (OAS), in partnership with the Coimbra Group of Brazilian Universities (GCUB), is offering over 350 Master’s and PhD scholarships to high-performing students of OAS member countries.

Interested candidates must apply for admission to three Master’s or PhD programs. Each program must be offered by a university in a different region of Brazil. Following university application, you must submit a scholarship application before the deadline. Scholarships are tenable starting in 2021.

Program name:  PAEC OAS-GCUB Brazil Scholarship Program

Funding organization: Organization of American States

Target audience: University-level students and graduates of any OAS member country other than Brazil

Duration: Up to 24 months at the Master’s level; up to 48 months at the PhD level

Inclusions: Tuition, settlement stipend (for the first 150 selected candidates only), monthly living stipend

Deadline: January 22, 2021

For program and application details, visit:

“At the University of The Bahamas, we believe that investment in study abroad experiences is essential to creating students who have a broader
world view, which in turn can make them better nation builders. Education is so much more than a classroom and campus experience – it is global. Therefore, we are steadily working on deepening our study abroad programme so that our students have opportunities to study at partner institutions in this region and on every continent in the world.” 
Dr. Rodney D. Smith, President

University of The Bahamas is committed to providing access to an education that drives national development and builds character through
teaching, learning, research, scholarship and service.  Specifically, UB is committed to:

  • preparing students who can contribute to the development of their communities;
  • ensuring students develop the core competencies needed to lead effective lives in this dynamic and global environment;
  • equipping students with the tools and skills needed to thrive in an interconnected world in which collaboration across nations, languages and cultures is increasingly the norm; and
  • preparing graduates who can function in a world ‘without borders’ – a global community.

UB’s Department of Global Studies and Programmes develops key international partnerships, structures experiential learning and provides transfigurative experiences inside and outside the classroom. These enhance the personal growth and development of students, promote intercultural awareness and appreciation and help students develop cross-cultural competencies.

Through inbound and outbound study abroad programmes, international visiting lecturer and artist series and internationalization-at-home initiatives, Global Studies and Programmes is a catalyst for UB’s internationalization agenda.

  • Study Abroad. UB students pursue courses at a partner institution outside of The Bahamas while continuing to earn credits towards their UB degree. Study abroad creates exciting possibilities for personal growth and development as students encounter new perspectives and learn to navigate new systems and cultures. They also build confidence, skills and knowledge which help students become international citizens who are able to compete in the local and global workplace.
  • Outbound UB Faculty-Led Programmes. UB students participate in UB faculty-led opportunities in which they are exposed to the culture and traditions of the receiving country. Available to students in all disciplines, these are especially attractive to students engaged in the study of history, foreign languages, linguistics, education, music and hospitality and tourism studies.  Immersion programmes can be as short as 2 weeks or as long as a semester with language immersion programmes often taking place during the summer.  Outbound faculty–led programmes provide important opportunities for cross-cultural research and service learning experiences. Prior to departure, students participate in orientation sessions which detail immigration requirements, housekeeping protocols and expected outcomes of the course.
  • Inbound Faculty-Led Programmes. Experiences designed specifically for international students through faculty-led opportunities. Theseare particularly relevant to students pursuing trans-disciplinary degrees in Caribbean Studies, African Diaspora Studies and Climate Change Studies, though they are entirely customizable. International students interact with UB students as they explore Bahamian culture as well as the most pressing issues facing the nation — from sustainable development and tourism models to entrepreneurial brilliance, national identity and immigration in a postcolonial context. They also explore climate change around the themes of building resiliency to the rise in sea temperatures, the importance of reef preservation, and the role of renewable energy sources, from hard sciences to culturally-informed lenses on how to realize successful interventions.

Whether coming to the UB system or enrolling in a programme across the globe, our mission is to deliver high-impact programmes that develop language skills, sharpen intercultural abilities and prepare the next generations of global citizens and leaders.

For additional information contact:

Shammond Knowles, Coordinator
Office: A-Block, Keva M. Bethel Building, Oakes Field Campus
Phone: (242) 302-4208