Grosvenor Close Centre, off Shirley Street, Nassau, New Providence

Visitor parking is located on the northwest side of the building.


University of The Bahamas-North, Grand Bahama Highway, East Grand Bahama

Visitor parking is located directly in front of the main building.


Oakes Field Campus, Nassau, New Providence
  • Visitor parking (1 hour only) is located in front of the Keva M. Bethel Building, accessible via Poinciana Drive.
  • Additional visitor parking is available near the Portia M. Smith Student Services Centre, accessible via Poinciana Drive.
  • Limited parking spaces are available at the Michael H. Eldon Complex, University Drive.


Persons who park on UB campuses and sites do so at their own risk. University of The Bahamas assumes no liability for damage to any vehicle parked or driven on any of its campuses or sites.