The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture provides financial assistance to help meet the financial needs of student-athletes who attend UB. This assistance seeks to ensure that no student-athlete is deprived of the opportunity to earn a UB degree because of financial constraints and is awarded to help with tuition, housing and required course related textbooks.

Currently, financial assistance is available to student-athletes in undergraduate degree programmes only and is awarded by the Head Coach of each varsity sport in consultation with the Director, University Athletics. Although based primarily on athletic ability, the student-athlete must possess the potential to be successful in his/her programme of study.

Assistance is awarded for one year, that is, the fall and spring semesters, and may be renewed, increased, reduced or cancelled by University Athletics.

Book Awards

Student-athletes whose financial assistance includes textbooks are provided with a book award, not exceeding $400.00 per semester.

  • Book awards are redeemable for textbooks and online materials for courses in which the student-athlete is enrolled.
  • UB’s Business Office will provide the student-athlete with a book award letter, signed by the Director of University Athletics, to be redeemed at the campus bookstore.
  • Students-athletes who withdraw from a course after receiving a book award must return the textbook immediately to University Athletics. Student-athletes who add a class after receiving a book award will be provided with the requisite book award letter by the Business Office provided the value of the award does not exceed $400.00.
  • Student-athletes must return all textbooks in good condition to University Athletics at the end of every semester. Textbooks which are lost, stolen or not returned will be charged to the student-athlete’s account.

Student-athletes whose financial assistance includes housing and who reside in on-campus housing, will have the aid applied to their UB account for a maximum of one year, fall through spring. Student-athletes are responsible for securing the appropriate billing from Housing and Residential Life and having it stamped by the Business Office.

  • Although required to register for a minimum of 12 credit hours per semesters, student-athletes are encouraged to register for 15 credit hours per semester to ensure they graduate on time.
  • Student-athletes who withdraw from classes, cancel their registration, become inactive or who are suspended or dismissed from UB will lose their financial assistance.

Head Coaches provide an annual assessment of each student-athlete’s performance at the end of the sport calendar year. Academic and athletic performances are used to determine whether financial assistance will be renewed, reduced or withdrawn. Additionally, to be considered for a renewal student-athletes must:

  • Continue to be enrolled full-time;
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00; and
  • Take a mandatory pre-participation physical.

Notifications of renewals, non-renewals or reductions are sent to the student-athlete in writing on or before 1st July.

  • Student-athletes are expected to abide by the standards as set out in UB’s Student Handbook.
  • Student-athletes who violate any of these standards risk forfeiting their financial assistance.
  • Conditions that may cause the financial assistance to be reduced or cancelled include, but are not limited to:
  1. Instances in which the student-athlete is ineligible for intercollegiate competition as a result of:
  2. Failing to make satisfactory academic progress in his/her programme of study; that is, failing to maintain a semester and/or cumulative GPA of 2.00;
  3. Using illegal drugs or banned substances;
  4. Failing to meet their UB financial obligations; or
  5. Violating written team rules as defined by the Head Coach.
  6. Instances in which the student-athlete misrepresents any information on the admission application, Student Athlete Agreement or any other UB form or agreement.
  7. Being placed on probation or suspension or being expelled from the athletic programme or from UB.
  8. Voluntarily withdrawing from the team/varsity sport for which the financial assistance was awarded.

Awards may not be reduced or cancelled due to:

  • Illness or injury which prevents participation.
  • Athletic ability, performance, or contribution to a team’s success.

Student-athletes may receive multiple awards; however, the total amount of the award cannot exceed the total cost of attending University of The Bahamas.