jUMPSTART is designed for highly motivated high school students who want to get an early start on their university education.  jUMPSTART gives high school students the opportunity to:

  • earn UB credits while still in high school;
  • explore career interests by taking introductory level courses in relevant disciplines;
  • network with UB students and faculty across areas in which they have an interest; and
  • gain a first-hand experience of university life before graduating from high school.


Admission Requirements

To be eligible for acceptance into jUMPSTART, applicants must:

  • be high school students in grade 11 or 12;
  • possess three or more BGCSEs, including Mathematics and English, with a grade of ‘C’ or higher and an overall grade point average of 3.00 or higher OR a combined SAT score of at least 900 on the Mathematics and Critical Reading sections.

Applicants are accepted into the fall or spring semester only


jUMPSTART students:

  • may register for up to one full semester of courses, or 15 credit hours, while in high school;
  • receive direct entry into UB upon graduating from high school once they have completed a minimum of six credit hours in the jUMPSTART Programme;
  • may transfer their UB credits abroad to the college or university of their choice.


Courses Offered

ACCA105      Financial Accounting I

AGRI101       Agricultural Geography

ARCH110      Architectural Graphics I

ARTH106      Survey of Art I

ARTH107      Introduction to Bahamian and Caribbean Art

ARTS102       2-D Concepts and Methods I

BIOL109        General Biology

BIOL131        Applied Human Anatomy and Physiology I

CHEM135     College Chemistry I

CISB106        Computer Concepts and Application

COM 107      Introduction to Communications

CREO103      Introductory Haitian Creole I

ELET110        Electrical Circuits I

ENGR111     Engineering Graphics I

ENGW119    Writing and Rhetoric I

ENGW120    Writing and Rhetoric II

FINB200       Personal Financial Management

FREN103      Introductory French I

GEOG113     Human and Cultural Geography

HIS 112         History of The Bahamas

MATH140    Basic College Mathematics

MATH163    Finite Mathematics

MATH167    Pre-Calculus: Algebra

MATH168    Pre-Calculus: Trigonometry

MGMT101   Business Fundamentals

MUS 100      Introduction to Bahamian Music

POL 113        Government and Politics in The Bahamas

PSY 111         Introduction to Psychology

SOC 111        Introduction to Sociology

SPAN103      Introductory Spanish I

TECH025       Engineering Science I

TECH028       Technical Drawing I

TECH035       Engineering Science II

TECH122       Engineering Drawing Fundamentals