Who Are Ombudsman?


The Office of the Ombudsman offers assistance and services to all members of the University of The Bahamas community including faculty, staff and students. The Office of the Ombudsman provides a comfortable, confidential environment for the discussions of issues, concerns and complaints. It offers information about conflict resolution and provides unbiased resolutions to conflicts, while promoting civil behaviour and mutual respect. It is an independent and neutral body the services of always remaining confidential and informal.

We may be able to help if you:

  • Are not sure of how to handle a problem
  • Lack the knowledge as to which policy or procedure relates to your situation.
  • Need to discuss private and sensitive matters.
  • Have been failed by other channels in trying to resolve your issue(s).

Additional Services Through the Office of the Ombudsman:

  • Offer a safe and confidential environment for the University community.
  • Assist in the developing of achievable and unbiased course of actions.
  • Recommends the improvement of policies and procedures.
  • Offer a list of options and resources available.
  • Conduct and assist with mediation.
  • Coach effective conflict management.

Reasons to Visit the Office of the Ombudsman?

  • When you feel you have been treated unlawfully.
  • When you have a situation requiring negotiation or help in facilitating communication.
  • When you are unsure which policies, procedures or regulations apply in your situation.
  • When you feel a policy, procedure or regulation has been applied unfairly or wrongly.
  • When you have a concern about an office, a service or a decision at the University of The Bahamas.
  • When you want to discuss a sensitive question or issue.
  • When you are unsure of where to go or what options exist to solve a problem.