How Confidential Are The Processes You Provide?

Extremely because there are no notes (or notes destroyed post meeting(s)), no use of your name, no reporting to another office or individual, no retained email, a separate phone line, and a safe and private meeting space. There are only two instances where this changes and you would be aware of each:

  1. If you are a danger to yourself or other(s), and
  2. If you give explicit permission for your Ombudsman to speak with someone. Those really are the only instances where strict confidentiality changes.

I Already Know You Or Have Seen You On Campus. How Will You Address My Coming To See You In These Other Situations?

I would interact with you cordially whether we are known to each other or not. If you have visited the Office of the Ombudsman, be assured that I would not reveal the circumstances of our meeting under any conditions.

Is The Field Leveled? Do I Receive The Same Level Of Confidentiality That Administration, Faculty, Staff And Students Receive?

Yes, the field is equal. It is the same for any UB stakeholder or student regardless of rank, role, title, job, or length of time at the University.

Does Anything Get Reported Back To The University?

Yes, the Ombudsman is mandated with reporting trends and other information that assist the University to create a supportive and effective working and learning environment. Under no circumstance will the individuals in these issues be identified or named.

How Does The Office Of The Ombudsman Handle Visits When Employees Overlap From The Department/Academic Unit/Office. Do You Discuss My Visit?

No, each matter is addressed on an individual case-by-case basis even if individuals visit regarding the same matter, the Ombudsman works with each person individually. The Ombudsman is impartial and confidential, therefore, each individual is treated equally.

How Is The Office Of The Ombudsman Different From The Student Advocate's Office?

None, the Ombudsman is in a position to know about all of the policies and procedures that are available to you to resolve a particular issue. The Ombudsman can help you think through various strategies for resolving an issue.

Is Going To See The Ombudsman The First Step In A University Grievance Procedure?

No, the Office of the Ombudsman operates independently of university grievance procedures. However, meeting with the Ombudsman might be helpful as a place to get support, information and advice prior to starting a formal grievance.

Why Would The University Of The Bahamas Support An Office Where People Can Go To Complain About University?

The University of the Bahamas is committed to social justice and to ensuring that all UB stakeholders are working and learning in an environment that is diverse, equitable and inclusive. The two roles of the Ombudsman support the University of Bahamas’ commitment to social justice. These roles are to support all students and employees in addressing issues that impede their ability to work and learn; and to serve as a centralized resource for the University on the extent to which campus policies and practices are equitable and effective.

What Do I Expect When I Visit The Office Of The Ombudsman?

The Ombudsman will give an overview of the function of the Office and seek details regarding your issue. You are within your right to provide as much or as little details as you are comfortable with. The Ombudsman will also explain the Office’s core principles of confidentiality, independence, informality and impartiality to ensure that you are aware of what the office can and cannot do.

What Should I Bring With Me To Visit?

You are not required to bring anything with you, however, if you want to bring any supporting documents to explain your matter, you are free to do so. Please note that the Ombudsman does not keep your documents not make copies for their records.

How Long Does A Visit Last?

The duration of a visit varies and is determined by the circumstances of the matter. Please note that the amount of visits is not limited, whatever is required to resolve the issue is done.

Where Is Your Office Located?

Our office is located in a private space in the Harry C. Moore Library and Information Center just to the left of the Internet Café through the double brown doors and immediately to the right. Please note that we are willing to meet in other locations by request where you feel safe to discuss your matter.

Where Can I Obtain More Information on What An Ombudsman Does?

This office and its staff follow the principles and practices of the International Ombudsman Association (