The University of The Bahamas-North (UB-North) in east Grand Bahama is situated on a 50-acre development that is a part of the 220 acres granted to the University by the Grand Bahama Port Authority. It is destined to become an incubator for entrepreneurship and innovation, while bolstering the industrial and maritime industries on the island.  Nestled on land in East Grand Bahama – where the potential for residential, infrastructural and business development in the surrounding neighborhoods is great – University officials are solidifying partnerships for progress.

The facility consists of 18 classrooms, four faculty offices, library, computer and science laboratories, a bookstore, cafe, conference room and an administrative area. UB-North has an enrollment of approximately 500 students. It caters to both full and part-time students pursuing bachelor degrees in education and business administration (accounting and management).  An associate degree in computer information systems is also offered, in addition to Mathematics and English for adults.

The campus is an anchor, one that will propel the development and growth of the Grand Bahama community, while contributing significantly to the growth of the country.  Like the Oakes Field Campus in New Providence, the campus in Grand Bahama is tapped for infrastructural expansion. It will be transformed from a commuter to residential campus with a new technology resource centre and library; a cafeteria with both self-service and traditional dining; a fully staffed health centre; study areas; and other amenities.  The campus’ first residential hall is currently under construction and will provide housing and accommodations for approximately 60 students.