Public Education Increases on New High-Intensity Activated Cross Walk

Public Education Increases on New High-Intensity Activated Cross Walk

31st August 2018


Nassau, THE BAHAMAS – Minister of Public Works Hon. Desmond Bannister has urged patience on the part of motorists and drivers who traverse the area of University Drive near the University of The Bahamas (UB) Oakes Field Campus as the ministry increases pedestrian and traffic safety measures.

Minister Bannister, UB President Dr. Rodney D. Smith, along with Ministry of Works officials and representatives of the Student Government Association (SGA) held a press conference on Thursday, 30th August to announce the implementation of the new High-Intensity Activated Cross Walk (HAWK) that leads from the Oakes Field Campus to the Michael H. Eldon Complex. The system was activated in time for the commencement of classes at UB on Monday, 20thAugust.

The Public Works Minister commended the leadership that was displayed by the SGA to increase pedestrian safety measures at the crossing, where 3 persons have been injured by motorists in recent times while using the crossing.

“Last year, I was so pleased that I got correspondence from the Student Government Association President. It indicated that there had been some accidents here. It indicated their concerns about the safety of students and their desire to partner with the government to make something positive happen. That is the type of leadership that we are looking for from our young people,” said Minister Bannister.

“When I see that happening, I can appreciate that generations to come, these young leaders that are being brought up at our University of The Bahamas, are the type of people who are going to be able to lead this country with distinction,” he added.

The HAWK system is a signal-beacon designed to help pedestrians safely cross University Drive and alert motorists to the presence of pedestrians. The indicators for motorists and pedestrians are different. It works like any other pedestrian push-button activated signal by alerting traffic to come to a stop with a red signal and prompting pedestrians to use the crosswalk with a WALK signal.

“What I want to remind everyone with the new signal is that motorists should be driving in this area cautiously and should be aware of what is happening and [pedestrians should] be cautious of vehicles potentially overtaking in the area,” said Deputy Director of Public Works, Mr. Damien Francis. “…University Drive is a 25 mile per hour roadway.”

UB President Dr. Rodney D. Smith was thankful that working collaboratively with the Ministry of Public Works, this additional pedestrian safety mechanism had been implemented.

“On behalf of all of our students, faculty, staff and pedestrians using this crosswalk I want to say a very special thank you to the Government of The Bahamas and to Mr. Bannister, our Minister of Works who really pushed this project forward as rapidly as possible. We had 3 students that were hit on this crosswalk and we were able to partner with the Ministry of Works and the Student Government Association was very active in asking for assistance. We know that there are some other measures to be put in place to help to curb accidents in this area. But this pedestrian crossing light is a very significant contribution to making sure that our students, faculty and staff are very safe,” he said.

The Ministry of Works and UB have collaborated to produce a public safety announcement about how to properly use the HAWK which will be promoted via broadcast and social media.

  • Deputy Director of Public Works, Mr. Damien Francis explains how to properly use the HAWK.

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