Message From The Chairman of The Board of Trustees       

Message From The Chairman of The Board of Trustees       

5th September 2018



On behalf of the Board Trustees of The University of The Bahamas, I would like to wish the UB community a productive new academic year.

This is UB’s first Board of Trustees, with members appointed under the UB Act, and I want to assure you that my fellow Board members are all aware of, and committed to, their responsibilities and duties as Board members to do whatever is in the best interest of the University. Given that the Board is still in many ways adjusting to the challenges of directing and controlling the affairs of an academy in the process of transitioning from a college to a university, many challenges lie before us. Still, I believe that we can be successful and achieve our goals of real transition, if we all work together in a transparent and collaborative manner in

which there is mutual respect and ongoing dialogue.

The Trustees of the Board have skill sets in areas such as finance, business, communications, infrastructural development, academia, and critical thinking. And I have every confidence that Board members will use these skill sets to provide proper oversight of the management of the University and the strategies deployed to reach the goals of the University.

The Board will seek to always keep you informed, where appropriate, about our decisions and policies. We look forward to working with the entire UB family to advance national development through teaching, research, and service; we are particularly keen to see efforts at securing accreditations with various accrediting agencies made manifest in improved continuous improvement processes.

During this new term and the next, the Board and I hope to find avenues for engaging with the UB family.  Through this engagement we hope to build on the success and hard work of all those who came before us and who have made a positive contribution to the university-transition process.

We go forward.


Dr. Johnathon K. Rodgers




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