Study Abroad Offer of Assistance

Study Abroad Offer of Assistance

8th September 2019

Hurricane Dorian has caused immense devastation in The Bahamas. The University of The Bahamas-North campus in East Grand Bahama, including the Hawksbill Hall residence, sustained severe damage. Like many others in Grand Bahama and Abaco, UB-North students, faculty and staff have tragically lost loved ones and their material possessions. In the face of great loss, our community is rallying around them to offer relief, emotional and psychological support.

Despite this catastrophe, the spirit and resolve of the University community in Grand Bahama to rebound and rebuild is compelling. We are united in our collective will to ensure that the University resumes operations as soon as possible. Led by the Vice President of UB-North Dr. Ian Strachan, steps have already been taken to relocate teaching and administrative spaces and resume classes in Freeport, Grand Bahama by the end of September.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, members of the international academy promptly reached out to offer their support and encouragement not only to the University, but also to the people of The Bahamas. We are deeply grateful for their kindness. Several university presidents have pledged their assistance to help restore a semblance of normalcy for UB students in particular and to provide other forms of hurricane relief. One of them was the President of Hampton University Dr. William R. Harvey who has offered to the affected students of UB-North tuition, room and board for the Fall 2019 semester.  The President of University of The Bahamas, Dr. Rodney D. Smith has expressed gratitude on behalf of the people of The Bahamas for this generous offer.

Please be advised that this offer would be considered a semester abroad and therefore subject to the applicable UB procedures and protocols to ensure that courses taken abroad are counted toward the completion of respective degrees at UB.  Therefore, the following should be noted:-

  1. UB students would need to contact the schools abroad directly and have course descriptions for desired courses evaluated by faculty at UB through the Office of Academic Affairs in conjunction with the respective academic units prior to approval;
  2. UB students must have a valid passport;
  3. UB students would have to secure I-20 Forms from the institution prior to applying for a US Student Visa, unless granted a temporary longer stay Visitors Visa from the US Embassy.

Some students have expressed a desire to explore the study abroad offer which has been extended. Yet, many others want to remain to provide emotional support for their families, friends and communities. They are eager to be a part of the healing and rebuilding that will take shape and help reactivate UB-North operations. This is the goal we working to achieve.

Please be advised that further details will be announced shortly about the restoration of our University operations in Grand Bahama.












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