Royal Institute of British Architects Names Bahamian A New Fellow

Royal Institute of British Architects Names Bahamian A New Fellow

3rd December 2020



Nassau, THE BAHAMAS — The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has named

Associate Professor of Architecture at University of The Bahamas (UB) and noted professional

architect Mr. Henry Hepburn as a Fellow for 2021, an accomplishment that recognizes the

contributions of architects to their communities, the profession, and those who seek to follow in

their footsteps.


Both in and out of the classroom, Mr. Hepburn has taught his students how to develop the

competencies that are required to meaningfully impact urban planning and design and uplift

community. He was pivotal in establishing the Architecture Endowment Fund at UB for

scholarships for full-time, undergraduate students of architecture. He has also been intentional

about his students actively participating in real-time projects for community development.

“I am elated and honored to have been eligible to be elevated to the esteemed level of Fellow of

the Royal Institute of British Architects, for which I give thanks to the Almighty; He has done

great things for me,” said Mr. Hepburn, Principal of Henry A. Hepburn Associates, Architects-

Urban Planners-Interior Designers.


In making the announcement, RIBA noted that its Fellow Members are inspirational Chartered

Members who have made real contributions to architecture and the community. Founded in

1834 for the advancement of architecture, the institute is the oldest professional, architecture

body in the world.


In order to become eligible for Fellow Membership, prospective candidates must have

demonstrated that they led or played a proactive role in a project that has had a positive social or

environmental impact at a local, regional, national or international level; contributed to the

advancement or thought leadership of the profession through education, research or technology;

and made a significant contribution to architecture through local, regional, national or

international initiatives and activities, among others. Mr. Hepburn unequivocally satisfied all of

the criteria.


A practising architect, Mr. Hepburn has also served as faculty at UB for many years, having led

the Architecture Department and making vital contributions to the academic field. With the

assistance of colleagues, he established the five-year Bachelor of Architecture programme at UB,

which is comparable to international programmes. The Institute of Bahamian Architects (IBA)

has also bestowed upon him two awards for Civic and Interior Architecture for the ‘Our Lady of

Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church,’ Hamilton, Long Island.


Mr. Hepburn views the BA Architecture programme at UB as a conduit for excellence in the



“The Bachelor of Architecture programme at UB seeks to develop aspiring students, and this

honour should inspire young Bahamians, and others, to broaden and expand their horizon

beyond The Bahamas, and continue to advance their knowledge … to give back and always strive

for excellence,” he said.


Five of his former architecture students have done just that, namely, Valaria Pintard-Flax;

Marcus Laing; Dario McPhee; Kashela Major, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Beck

Group, Fred Perpall, who is the first Bahamian Fellow of the American Institute of Architects



Interestingly, Mr. Perpall also contributed to the $25,000 which established the Architecture

Endowment Fund at UB, along with Owner of Alexiou & Associates, Mr. Michael Alexiou;

Owner and Principal of Michael Diggis and Associates, Mr. Michael Diggis; and Owner and

Principal of Anthony Jervis Architects Ltd., Mr. Anthony Jervis. The fund allows for

scholarships, study abroad opportunities and a distinguished lecture series, key areas which will

extend access to tertiary education for architecture majors and facilitate additional international

exposure and knowledge sharing.


“I am privileged to be affiliated with the architecture profession—which is one of the markers of

culture; providing spaces and places of worship, work and play, as well as one of service, whose

mantra is to promote good stewardship of mother earth—be that in terms of conservation,

sustainability, safety and well-being,” said Mr. Hepburn. “Having traveled extensively and

studied in the United States, England, Israel and Nepal, has allowed me to make the

contributions that I have made to the profession and academia.”


Associate Professor of Architecture at University of The Bahamas and Principal of Henry A. Hepburn Associates, Architects-Urban Planners-Interior Designers Mr. Henry Hepburn.













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