New Leaders and Senators Elected for Academic Senate

New Leaders and Senators Elected for Academic Senate

7th October 2020

New Leaders and Senators Elected for Academic Senate


Following elections which were held recently, the Academic Senateat University of The Bahamas (UB) has new leadership and Senators comprising faculty, staff, students and administrators.

Associate Professor in Education Dr. Faith Butler was elected Chair, while Assistant Professor in Communication and Creative Arts Dr. Walteria Tucker-Rolle was elected Vice-Chair. Director of Institutional Strengthening Mr. William Fielding and Associate Professor in English Studies Dr. Marie Sairsingh now serve as Secretary and Assistant Secretary respectively. Director of UB Open Learning Dr. Edward Bethel and Librarian Dr. Antoinette Pinder-Darling were elected Parliamentarians.

The Academic Senate is a primary organ of shared governance at UB and the academic authority of the institution.

Elections were held on 29thSeptember 2020. Students are elected to serve for one year and all others serve a two-year period.

Senate Chair Dr. Faith Butler has served in the School of Education for over ten years in roles such as member of the research management team of the Inaugural Summer Studies Institute, Head of Department, and Coordinator of the Masters of Reading with Inclusive Education Programme. Currently the Researcher in Residence at the T.G. Glover Professional Development and Research School, she has avidly contributed to curriculum design, educational research and literacy and community building. Building on inquiry-based and experiential learning, her current research interests include self-report videos for reflective practice in teacher education, programme evaluation, and garden-based learning.She holds a BSc in Primary Education and a minor in Music, and also a Master’s degree in Reading and Writing and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, all with Honours.

Academic Senate Vice-Chair Dr. Walteria Tucker-Rolletaught Spanish and French language and culture in the State University System of Florida before becoming an Assistant Professor of Spanish at COB (UB) in 2013. In 2015, she was appointed the institution’s first Coordinator of the BA in Spanish programme. From 2017-2019, she served as Chair of Communication and Creative Arts (CCA) during which she had oversight for the revision of CCA’s degree and certificate programmes and the inauguration of the BA in Music programme. She has served on and co-chaired a number of University-wide task forces and committees. Her doctoral research focuses on the representation of Haitians in 20th-Century Hispanic Caribbean literature and she has presented on race, sexuality, religion and national identity at academic conferences in the region. Dr. Tucker-Rolle holds a BA in International Studies, an MA in Comparative Literature and a PhD in Comparative Studies: Languages, Literacies and Linguistics from Florida Atlantic University and a certificate from the Harvard School of Education’s Management Development Program.

UB’s Academic Senate is enshrined in the UB Act, 2016. The Senate has responsibility for regulating and ensuring the quality of all academic programmes; maintaining the academic standards of the institution; approving recommendations for the operation and development of the University Libraries; reviewing the academic organization and development of the institution; reviewing the duties of all faculty; recommending to the Board appropriate provision for the personal development and well-being of students; and regulating and superintending the education of students as prescribed in the Statutes.


Members of the Academic Senate

Dr. Faith Butler, Faculty Representative, Associate Professor, Education, Chair

Dr. Walteria Tucker-Rolle, Faculty Representative, Assistant Professor, Communication & Creative Arts, Vice-Chair

Mr. William Fielding, Staff Representative, Director, Institutional Strengthening, Secretary

Dr. A. Marie Sairsingh, Faculty Representative, Associate Professor, English Studies, Assistant Secretary

Dr. Edward Bethel, Staff Representative, Director, UB Open Learning, Continuing Education and Life Long Learning (CELEARN), Parliamentarian

Dr. Antoinette Pinder, Faculty at Large, Librarian II, Parliamentarian

Ms. Monique Butler, Staff Representative, Administrative Assistant, Business & Hospitality Tourism Studies, Academic Senate Recorder

Ms. Bernadette Robins, Faculty Representative, Assistant Professor, Business & Hospitality Management, Inaugural Academic Senate Chair

Dr. Douglas Barkey, Dean, Liberal & Fine Arts

Dr. Peter McWilliam, Dean of Faculty, UB-North

Mrs. Remelda Moxey, Dean, Business & Hospitality Tourism Studies

Dr. Vikneswaran Nair, Dean, Graduate Studies & Research

Dr. Maria Woodside-Oriakhi, Vice-President, Academic Affairs

Dr. Ruth Sumner, Dean, Social & Educational Studies

Dr. Berthamae Walker, UB Librarian

Dr. Carlton Watson, Dean, Pure & Applied Sciences

Dr. Nicolette Bethel, Faculty Representative, Associate Professor, Social Sciences

Dr. Terry Campbell, Faculty Representative, Assistant Professor, Nursing & Allied Health Professions

Ms. Michelle Cartwright-Johnson, Faculty Representative, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences

Mrs. Jacklyn Chisholm-Lightbourne, Faculty at Large, Assistant Professor

Dr. Christine Kozikowski, Faculty Representative, Assistant Professor, English Studies

Dr. Ruth Gardiner, Faculty Representative, Associate Professor, Business & Hospitality Management

Dr. Ingrid Gibson-Mobley, Faculty Representative, Associate Professor, Nursing & Allied Health Professions

Ms. Sabrina Glinton-Eizenga, Adjunct Faculty Representative

Dr. Felita Humes, Faculty Representative, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Physics & Technology

Dr. Tanya Lloyd-Hepburn, Faculty Representative, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Physics & Technology

Mr. Devain Maycock, Faculty Representative, Instructor, Culinary Arts & Tourism Studies

Mrs. Christina Moseley-Rolle, Faculty Representative, Assistant Professor, Culinary Arts & Tourism Studies

Dr. Andre Neely, Faculty Representative, Associate Professor, Education

Ms. Bridget Rolle-Hogg, Faculty Representative, Professor, Chemistry, Environmental & Life Sciences

Ms. Gladys Sawyer, Faculty Representative UB North, Counselor II

Ms. Camille Smith, Counsellor/Librarian Faculty Representative, Counselor II, Academic Counselling and Advising

Mr. Deon Stewart, Adjunct Faculty Representative

Mrs. Joyanne Thompson, Faculty Representative, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Environmental & Life Sciences

Dr. Lorraine Bastian-Jones, Staff Representative, Director, Personal & Professional Development, CELEARN

Ms. Charliese Bevans, Staff Representative, Assistant Director, Human Resources

Ms. Mosetta Ferguson, Staff Representative, Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs

Ms. Leterah Munnings, UB North Staff Representative, UB-North Coordinator, CELEARN

Ms. Zandra Bowlin, Student Representative

Ms. Shekinah Curry, Student Representative

Ms. Courtney Martin, Student Representative

Ms. Alicia Smith, Student Representative



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