Classes and Student Services for Fall 2020

Classes and Student Services for Fall 2020

9thJuly 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked radical global and national changes. The University is prepared to meet these changes with the highest level of vigilance to ensure that faculty, staff, students and the public are kept safe and protected. This will require our collective cooperation in order to continue delivering quality academic instruction and services which support student success.

As a result, some aspects of the Fall 2020 semester will be different as we implement safe and responsible risk-reduction measures, while further transitioning into a new normal. Operations for the upcoming semester will be conducted on-site and in the virtual realm, with modifications where necessary. The Phased Re-Opening Plan for University of The Bahamashas already been shared with you.

Prevention and Restrictions

UB’s risk reduction measures are largely based on the recommendations of the University’s COVID-19 Task Force, guidelines from the Bahamas Ministry of Health and feedback from the University community. For personal protection, the most important measures are regular and thorough hand-washing with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer, always maintaining a physical distance of at least 6 feet, wearing a face mask, and following proper respiratory etiquette.

Throughout the University, there will be regular environmental cleaning and disinfection. Increased signage and communications will:

  • indicate social distancing markers,
  • give reminders about prevention measures, and
  • reflect protocols on usage of spaces.

UB identification must be worn on campus. Large assemblies will not be permitted. Meetings with a small number of persons who are able to maintain the required 6 feet separation may occur, but for the most part are to be conducted via virtual conferencing. Employees who are at high risk, and provide medical documentation, will be allowed to continue working remotely until further notice.


The first day of classes for Fall 2020 is Monday, 24thAugust. Classes for the Fall will be mainly via hybrid-blended delivery.Feedback from faculty and students, who responded to separate surveys, have been taken into consideration. Therefore, based on venue, room capacity, and social distancing, a class may be conducted as follows:

  1. Face-to-Face courses – These courses will be predominantly delivered in a face-to-face classroom setting and physical attendance is mandatory, unless otherwise communicated.  Still, students may regularly supplement their learning through the use of distance education technology.
  2. Hybrid/Blended courses – In these courses, there will be some face-to-face lectures with up to 50% of students present on campus and 50% in the virtual environment. Students may choose to attend on campus, or virtual classes, or a combination of both, based on their preference.
  3. Virtual courses – For these courses, distance education technologies will be used to deliver the course 100% via virtual means. There will be no on-campus visits, visits to other designated sites, or in-person events. These course have both synchronous and asynchronous elements. These are not self-paced and have substantive faculty-initiated interaction as an integral part of the course.

The aim is to continue vigorously preparing for an abrupt transition to emergency remote instruction completely in the virtual realm, at any time if necessary, but in a more seamless manner. Students and faculty will be provided with more virtual and technical training, assistance and resources for a smoother process.

Lecture and Seminar Courses

These courses will be conducted mainly in the virtual realm with under fifteen students enrolled, as well some Academic Enhancement/College Preparatory courses delivered in the face-to-face environment.

Laboratory and Practicum Courses

These courses will be held in a blended/hybrid modality. Students will have to come on campus for some aspects of these classes.

Teaching Practice, Clinical, Field Work and Internships

These classes will be held in the face-to-face environment and will be dependent on the operations and guidelines of external agencies.

Studio and Kitchen Classes

These courses will be primarily in the face-to-face environment.

Computer Labs and University Libraries

These facilities will be open and operational, unless otherwise directed by health authorities, with social distancing and risk-reduction protocols enforced.

Health Services

Health Services will be accessible via tele-health and tele-medicine. Persons who require the services of the nurse are asked to call 302-4379 or 302-4556 or email for assistance at the Oakes Field Campus. The point of contact at UB-North in Grand Bahama is Dr. Christine Higgs (

Residential Life

Residential facilities will reopen and operate in compliance with health and safety requirements.

Campus Events and Club Activities

Due to the social distancing requirement, in-person events and activities will be limited, but will continue in a virtual environment.

University Athletics and Wellness

Return to play for University Athletics is contingent upon guidelines issued by the Bahamas Ministry of Health. Athletics training will continue via appointments with individuals or small groups of five persons or less. Travel will remain suspended until further notice.

The Wellness Centre will reopen via appointment-only scheduling.

Public Events

In keeping with social distancing restrictions, large assemblies and events will remain suspended until further notice.

Cafeteria Services

No dine-in service will be offered at the Independence Café and Grab & Go cafeterias as well as the Choices restaurant at the Oakes Field Campus. Only take-out service will be provided initially, with a limited number of persons allowed inside the facility at any one time to ensure the proper social distancing. 



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