Appointment of Interim Dean, Liberal and Fine Arts

Appointment of Interim Dean, Liberal and Fine Arts

27th July 2018



University of The Bahamas (UB) announces the appointment of veteran faculty member, Associate Professor Mrs. Lottis Shearer-Knowles as Interim Dean, Liberal and Fine Arts.

In this capacity, Mrs. Shearer-Knowles will facilitate the delivery of academic programmes, including the development of new programmes and the systematic review, assessment and evaluation of existing ones. She will also provide leadership and management of the Faculty Board, approve programmes, courses and general proposals for submission to Academic Senate and other Boards as necessary; advance the quality of undergraduate and graduate instruction; and spearhead the recruitment, hiring, orientation and retention of appropriately qualified faculty. Other key responsibilities include contributing to academic policy review and development; working with faculty through the Academic Senate to refine recommendations regarding the revision of the general education core, aligned with the University’s mission; representing the University on national and international committees and serving on the Academic Affairs Leadership Team.

Liberal and Fine Arts drives the liberal arts mission of the University and provides just under fifty percent of the academic programming in UB’s general education core. As Interim Dean, Mrs. Shearer-Knowles will work to build consensus on critical initiatives like the development of annual programming across disciplines in the visual and performing arts; deepening the commitment to second language learning within and across programmes; and collaborating with faculty to create synergies and entrepreneurial possibilities.

Mrs. Shearer-Knowles joined the UB family in 1993 as lecturer in Journalism and Communication. Since then, she has served in many capacities including Head of the Journalism and Communication Department, Director of the Honours and President’s Scholars programmes, Director of Student Leadership Programmes, Chair of several university-wide committees, and most recently, Chair of Communication and Creative Arts.

She has a Master’s Degree in Communication and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. She is actively engaged in community building, enjoys mentoring and empowering young people, and is passionate about process improvement.




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