Academic Senate Communique

Academic Senate Communique


August 1, 2018


Dear Members of the University Community:

Please allow me to take but a moment to be among the first to welcome you to the University or to welcome you as we begin the new academic year 2018-2019. 

Over the past year, the University has continued its transformation in accordance with the University of The Bahamas Act 2016.  A major component within our transformation is the establishment of the “Academic Senate”.  

According to the UB Act 2016, Article 7 – ACADEMIC SENATE: “There shall be an Academic Senate of the University (hereinafter referred to as the “Senate”) comprising officers elected from staff, faculty, students and administration in accordance with Statute X of the Second Schedule, which shall, subject to the powers of the Board, be the academic authority of the University and have responsibility for maintaining the academic standards of the University and for the regulation and superintendence of the education of the students of the University as may be prescribed in the Statutes.”

In accordance with UB Act 2016, the following persons have been elected and/or appointed to serve as members of the Academic Senate:

  1. Mr. Eardley Grant, Assistant Professor, Business & Hospitality Management
  2. Ms. Bernadette Robins, Assistant Professor, Business & Hospitality Management
  3. Mrs. Bridgette Rolle-Hogg, Professor, Chemistry, Environmental & Life Sciences
  4. Mrs. Joyanne Thompson, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Environmental & Life Sciences
  5. Mr. Philip Armbrister, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Physics & Technology
  6. Mr. Claude McNamarah, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Physics & Technology
  7. Mr. Devain Maycock, Instructor, Culinary Arts & Tourism Studies
  8. Mrs. Christina Moseley-Rolle, Assistant Professor, Culinary Arts & Tourism Studies
  9. Ms. Christine Kozikowski, Assistant Professor, English Studies
  10. Mrs. Krista Walkes, Assistant Professor, English Studies
  11. Dr. Edward Bethel, Director, CeLEARN
  12. Dr. Lorraine Bastian-Jones, Director, CeLEARN
  13. Dr. Ava Thompson, Associate Professor, Social Sciences
  14. Ms. Jessica Minnis, Professor, Social Sciences
  15. Mr. Terry Campbell, Assistant Professor, Nursing & Allied Health Professions
  16. Dr. Ingrid Mobley, Assistant Professor, Nursing & Allied Health Professions
  17. Dr. Faith Butler, Associate Professor, Education
  18. Dr. Andre Neely, Assistant Professor, Education
  19. Ms. Catherine Archer, Librarian, University Libraries
  20. Dr. June Wilson, Professor, Business & Hospitality Management
  21. Mrs. Lottis Shearer-Knowles, Associate Professor, Communication & Creative Arts
  22. Mr. Deon Stewart, Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry, Environmental & Life Sciences
  23. Mr. Keith Thompson, Adjunct Faculty, Business & Hospitality Management
  24. Dr. Kelly Duncanson, Assistant Professor, UB-North
  25. Mrs. Wilolla Carroll, Administrative Assistant, UB-North
  26. Ms. Mosetta Ferguson, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
  27. Mrs. Denece Mackey, Executive  Assistant to the Provost, Office of The Provost
  28. Mr. William Fielding, Director, Institutional Strengthening
  29. Ms. Natasha Gibson, Public Relations Assistant, Office of University Relations
  30. Mr. Ryan Rolle, Student
  31. Mr. Jeron Johnson, Student
  32. Mr. Mackerson Charles, Student
  33. Ms. Felicity Gibson, Student (UB-North)
  34. Dr. Maria Oriakhi, AVP Academic Affairs
  35. Dr. Carlton Watson, Dean Pure and Applied Sciences
  36. Mrs. Remelda Moxey, Dean Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies
  37. Dr. Vik Nair, Dean Graduate Studies and Research
  38. Dr. Ruth Sumner, Dean Social & Educational Studies
  39. Dr. Peter McWilliam, Dean of Faculty (UB-North)
  40. Dr. Berthamae Walker, University Librarian
  41. Dr. Walteria Tucker-Rolle, Assistant Professor, Communication & Creative Arts
  42. Mrs. Christine Diment, Assistant Professor, Communication & Creative Arts
  43. Dr. Linda Davis, Provost

President and CEO, Dr Rodney D. Smith, will serve in an Ex-Officio capacity.

Please accept my most heartfelt congratulations.  Yours is an awesome role within the University.  You will have significant responsibility for the direction of the University through your many deliberations.

In accordance with University of The Bahamas Act (ARTICLE 7), the Academic Senate must

  • establish its own governing bye-laws;
  • establish standing committees of the Senate, chaired by a member of the Senate, with representation from staff, students, faculty and administration; and
  • delegate to any standing committee consisting of members of the Senate, such powers, duties or functions assigned to it under the Act.

In order to effect a smooth transition, I have asked the University Secretary to call the first meeting so that you may elect the Academic Senate Chair and Academic Senate Secretary.   I recommend that the Chair and Secretary, acting on behalf of the Academic Senate, consult with the outgoing Transition Academic Senate, regarding pressing academic matters and appointment of a Senate Bye-Laws Committee.

It is anticipated that the schedule of meetings will be set thereafter, or as soon as the Academic Senate is fully functional; expectedly, on or before 1st October, 2018.

Meanwhile, any urgent academic matters should be handled by the Academic Senate Chair and Secretary in consultation with the Transition Academic Senate.



Rodney D. Smith, Ed.D.


Office of University Relations
University of The Bahamas
1st Floor, Michael H. Eldon Complex
University Drive, Oakes Field Campus
P.O. Box N-4912
Nassau, The Bahamas
Tel: (242) 302-4355/4354/4366