Keyron Smith

Campus Sustainability Coordinator
Office of the President
University of The Bahamas

All About Campus Sustainability

Campus Sustainability Vision

University of The Bahamas is committed to environmental sustainability in all aspects of its academic, social and student life and will challenge itself to consistently perform all of its functions in the most sustainable ways.

Sustainability Mission

University of The Bahamas, as part of the local and global community, strives to be a responsible steward of the environment. As such, UB seeks to minimize its environmental impact both now and in the future; this is consistent with the financial and social viability of the institution and the relevance of its academic programmes. Through its academics, research, and operations, UB will create a campus environment in which sustainable practices and policies are visible and evident to all.

University of The Bahamas aims to be a leader in promoting a sustainable society through our academic programmes, in the operation of our campuses and facilities, and in our interactions with the community.

Sustainability Goals

  1. Raise sustainability awareness through educational presentations and programmes;
  2. Implement sustainability policies that support and promote sustainable practices;
  3. Implement UB campus sustainability programs and initiatives;
  4. Increase UB outreach & build partnerships for sustainable practices;
  5. Create fundraising & grant opportunities for campus sustainability programmes;
  6. Increase public relations through making UB initiatives a national model for institutions and organizations in the Bahamas;
  7. Create academic sustainability research opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

UB Sustainability Committee

Committee Co-ChairUniversity SecretaryMr. Michael Stevenson
Committee Co-ChairPresident’s Chief of StaffMs. Maelynn Seymour-Major
Committee MemberDirector, Physical PlantMr. Anthony Burrows
Committee MemberFaculty, SCELSMrs. Jacklyn Chisolm-Lightbourne
Committee MemberDirector, Planning UnitMr. William Fielding
Committee MemberUB North-RepresentativeDr. Coralee Kelly
Committee MemberAdjunct Faculty, SCELSDr. Rhianna Neely
Committee MemberStudent RepresentativeMr. Lucciano Pearce
Committee MemberAsst. Director, Purchasing DepartmentMs. Debra Thomas
Committee MemberDirector, Alumni AffairsMr. Elvardo Thompson
Committee MemberChairperson, SCELSDr. Veronica Toppin
Friday October 13, 2017UB Campus Beautification Day
November 2017 During HomecomingUB Blue Goes Green Day
November 2017 During Charter WeekUB Blue Goes Green Day
Thursday January 25, 2018Panel Discussion on Sustainability
Thursday February 15, 2018Love Your Environment Day
Tuesdays February 6, 13, 20, 27 2018Documentary Series
Friday March 2, 2018Start of the Implementation of Herb Garden
April 8-13, 2018UB Green Week

Services-Initiatives & Programmes

Campus Beautification Day

The Campus Beautification Day is an annual event that focuses on promoting environmental stewardship by involving all stakeholders in beautifying our University campuses. The Campus Beautification Day includes activities such as painting of benches, cleaning of the campuses and the planting of trees and flowering plants. This event also includes a campus BBQ for all persons involved in the Campus Beautification Day.

Recycling Programme

The University is seeking to increase waste minimization on its campuses through recycling of aluminum cans, plastics and paper on campus. The project seeks to involve all stakeholders in the University to create a sustainable culture of recycling within our University and the surrounding community.

UB Community Garden

The UB Community Garden will engage all staff, faculty, students and the community to grow plants that can be used in the University and surrounding community. This UB community garden would be focused on developing stewards in the environment and providing agricultural educational opportunities for all stakeholders involved with the University.

Panel Discussions & Forums

The Panel Discussions are focused on discussing issues and finding solutions to matters related to sustainability. These panel discussions will also incorporate partners in the community whose organizations focus on environmental protection and community building to engage, educate and involve persons at the University and the surrounding community.

UB Campus Styrofoam and Plastic Reduction

This initiative seeks to create policies to reduce, eliminate the purchase of Styrofoam and plastic bags on campus. This effort seeks to target UB’s Cafeteria, Grab “N’ Go, and Chapter One Bookstore and Departments to eliminate purchase of Styrofoam and plastic bags on campus.

UB Green Week

The UB Green Week focusses on raising awareness about sustainability such as waste minimization, water conservation, energy conservation and many others. The Green Week will involve a collaboration between our sustainability partners and the UB community to implement various initiatives and programmes.

Sustainability Tips

  1. Take notes electronically.
    If you cannot take notes electronically, write on both sides of the paper or re-use paper that may have blank space.
  2.  Bring Re-Useable Bottles/Water Containers
    Reuse old water bottles or purchase water containers that you can refill instead of disposing of a new bottle every time you need to quench your thirst.
  3.  Adopt Re-Useable Bag Practices
    Take reusable bags to the store with you to grocery shop and cafeteria instead of using paper or plastic bags. It’s wasteful and unnecessary – and several bags with every grocery trip can add up to a whole lot of garbage over a lifetime.
  4. Recycle
    By now, this should be a no-brainer. When you’re able, recycle. Whether it’s paper products, plastics or upcycling old items, it’s important to think about which trash can be saved from a landfill.
  5. Power Down Appliances & Computers
    When you’re not using appliances or you’re not in a room, turn off electronics. An easy way to implement this is by connecting your electronics to a surge protector and flipping the switch. Also shutting down the computers when you are leaving
  6.  Print on both sides
    When printing documents, print on both sides to reduce the wastage of paper.
  7. Turn off the lights
    If you are the last to leave the room, please turn off the lights. Turn off the lights when leaving your offices.
  8. Turn off the Water
    Please don’t waste the water. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth or when it is not in use.
  9. Utilize Emails, Projectors & Other Appliances
    Unless you must print essential documents, send emails to conserve paper. Also, in meetings, use a projector to display agendas or email agendas so that persons can utilize it on their electronic devices.
  10. Carpool with Friends
    If you have a friend that lives nearby and have similar class schedules, take turns carpooling with one another.