Welcome to the University of The Bahamas Nursing and Allied Health Professions Unit, the premier institution for nursing and allied health training in The Bahamas. Here at NAHP, we empower students to transform health and healthcare systems through UB’s values of learning, leadership, and service. We are happy to have you!

We have a multifaceted history of excellence in healthcare education that supports the core values and principles of the Academic Unit and are proud that you have decided to be a part of this legacy. It is our hope that you continue to embrace the tradition of excellence and add to our rich and vibrant culture to become global citizens.

We offer a variety of nursing and allied health programmes, incorporating the liberal arts and global perspectives. These programmes equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to function as a professional in a variety of health care settings. Additionally, the strong partnerships with stakeholders in the healthcare sector, allow us to offer you varied clinical learning experiences.

Our diverse and dynamic faculty and academic staff incorporate both theoretical and clinical concepts, using creative and innovative teaching and learning techniques to deliver top-notch healthcare education. Nursing faculty, staff and the administrative team are dedicated and committed to helping you succeed. Our strategic focus is on preparing future healthcare professionals who are actively engaged in improving the quality of patient care.

Thank you for your interest in our programmes and we assure you that it will be a challenging yet rewarding experience. We look forward to the future with great anticipation and expect nothing but the greatest from our nursing Mingoes.

Welcome to UB, your university, and the Grosvenor Close Campus of Nursing and Allied Health.

T. Jerome Campbell, EdD., MSc, RN
Chairperson | Assistant Professor
Nursing & Allied Health Professions Unit
Room 150 Grosvenor Close Centre
Tel: 325-5551 (Ext. 5824)
Phone: (242) 325-5551-2 / 302-4300 Ext: 5824
E-mail: terry.campbell@ub.edu.bs

Mrs. Kimbly Knowles-Samuels, AA, BA, IEPA
Administrative Assistant I
Nursing & Allied Health Professions Unit
Room 150, Grosvenor Close Centre
Phone: (242) 325-5551-2 / 302-4300 Ext: 5806
E-mail: kimbly.knowles@ub.edu.bs