Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and, with that growth, is becoming increasingly competitive. Tourism is also the country’s most important economic activity and The Bahamas remains one of the world’s leading travel destinations.

Culinary Arts and Tourism Studies is a Centre of Excellence for persons interested in the culinary and tourism fields. In response to national andinternational human resource needs, we prepare highly skilled individuals across a range of critical disciplines. We also enjoy key strategic local and international partnerships that have strengthened our academic offerings, advanced faculty research, facilitated student internships and immersion programmes and have afforded ready access and broad exposure to internationally recognised culinary and tourism professionals the world over.

Our mission is to provide a strong foundation in culinary and tourism studies and to offer innovative programmes which meet the needs of current and future hospitality enthusiasts seeking to enter the culinary and tourism industries. In an environment that encourages growth and lifelong learning, our programmes ensure a sound foundation in any sector of the culinary or tourism field. Our graduates enjoy many job opportunities at all levels. Some have even become entrepreneurs and have started their own businesses.

As the world continues to shrink, discerning visitors demand more diverse offerings in culinary arts and tourism. The overarching need to continue to deliver world class education and training is paramount.  We encourage our students to study hard, master their craft and get ready to own the industry.

Welcome to Culinary Arts and Tourism Studies! Let us help you achieve your goal.

Chef Mario Adderley
Interim Executive Director
Room 062, Culinary Arts & Tourism Studies, Oakes Field Campus
Phone: (242) 677-3218

Ms. Allison Basden
Administrative Assistant III
Room 057, Culinary Arts & Tourism Studies, Oakes Field Campus
Phone: (242) 677-3218