Greetings on behalf of the faculty and staff of Education!

We are delighted that you have chosen us as your home for the next four years.  Teaching is still a noble profession and we welcome you as preservice and in service teachers. This journey, though demanding, is an extremely rewarding one as we challenge all of our students to perform at the highest levels. Education has changed and will continue to change. Hence, to meet these demands, we will equip you with the knowledge, skills and expertise to meet the needs of students in your care. To this end, we expect that you are joining us with an eagerness to study, research, communicate and develop further your gifts, talents and abilities.

Our programmes include courses in educational psychology, educational research, educational technology, teaching methodology, content areas and field experiences. These will prepare you for the journey ahead and help you develop into the best teacher and leader possible. We encourage you to join the Education Awareness Society, or another professional organization of your choosing. Such organizations will assist your professional and personal development and deportment. Faculty in Education seek to develop well-rounded teachers who in turn will develop well-rounded students with the capacity to contribute positively to the growth and advancement of the Bahamian society and the larger global community.

Again, welcome to Education. Our team of highly qualified educators, researchers and practitioners is waiting to serve you. Together, we will transform education and move our children forward.

Raquel Barr-Edgecombe, Chair
Room 307, Michael H. Eldon Complex, Oakes Field Campus
(242) 397-2605

Mrs.Juliette Smith-Munroe
Administrative Assistant
Room 307, Michael H. Eldon Complex,
Oakes Field Campus
Phone: (242) 397-2603