Richard Adderley, Assistant Professor, Psychology

LL.B., B.A. (Psychology), M.A. (Psychology)

Office:MHEC-311, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 397-2625

Teaching Specialty:Psychology

Areas of Expertise:Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Research

Research Interests:Workplace Bullying/workforce readiness/public health research

Camille Barnett, Associate Professor, Sociology

B.A. (Sociology), M.S. (Social Work), M.Ed. (Curriculum & Supervision)

Office:MHEC-310, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 677-2419

Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Sociology of Human Sexual Behaviour; Youth and Society; Sociology of the Family; Urban Society; Race and Ethnicity

Research Interests:

Psychosocial impact of HIV/AIDS on Adolescence.

Nicolette Bethel, Assistant Professor, Sociology

B.A. (English Literature & French), M.Phil. (Social Anthropology), Ph.D. (Social Anthropology)

Office:MHEC-308, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 397-2608

Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Sociology, especially methods; Anthropology

Research Interests:

Junkanoo; the creative (Orange) economy in The Bahamas; festivals and festival tourism; sociocultural aspects of small island sustainability; spatial justice; national identity

Current Research:

  1. Spatial Justice

2. Profiles of prisoners convicted of murder, manslaughter and attempted murder

Shane Brennen, Assistant Professor, Social Work

B.A. (Psychology), M.S. (Social Work), Ph.D. (Social Work)

Office:MHEC-301, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 397-2619

Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Diversity in a multicultural society; Gerontology; Treatment Modalities

Research Interests:

Afrocentric Social Work Approaches to Practice

Richard Ellefritz, Assistant Professor, Sociology

B.Sc. (Psychology), B.A. (Sociology), M.A. (Sociology), Ph.D. (Sociology)


Phone:(242) 397-2638

Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Social Psychology, Environmental Sociology, Social Stratification & Inequality

Research Interests:

Social Movements, Popular Culture, Pedagogy

Current Research:

The Working group is an international collaboration of scholars dedicated to a critical analysis of the origins and prosecution of the War on Terror. Collaborators:Ed Rankin, Piers Robinson, Michel Chossudovsky, Tim Hayward, Tony Hall, Mickey Huff, Peter Phillips, Niels Harrit. Sponsoring Agency:Working Group on Propaganda, 9/11, and the Global ‘War on Terror’

Niambi Hall-Campbell, Assistant Professor, Psychology

B.A. (Psychology), M.Sc. (Community Psychology), Ph.D. (Psychology)

Office:MHEC-312, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 397-2678

Teaching Specialty:

Introduction to Psychology; Social Psychology, Adult Adjustment; Black Psychology

Areas of Expertise:Community & Applied Social Psychology

Research Interests:

Culturally Relevant Psychology; Black Psychology

Current Research:

Establishing an economic tourism model for the Island Stewards Camp of The Indaba Project. Collaborators:North Carolina State and The Indaba Project. Sponsoring Agency:U.S. Embassy

Stephanie Hutcheson, Assistant Professor, Psychology

B.Sc. (Psychology), M.A. (Psychology), Ph.D. (Psychology)

Office:MHEC-303, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 397-2630/2607

Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Clinical Psychology; Adult Psychology, History & Systems; Health Psychology; Positive Psychology; Counseling in Psychology

Research Interests:

Suicide in The Bahamas; Quality of life of breast cancer survivors; Behavioral sleep medicine.

Current Research:

  1. Insomnia and Sleep Disorders in The Bahamas – Mental Health Implications;

2. Prime Time Sister Circles – Psychoeducational Programme for Health and Wellness in Bahamian Women

Jessica Minnis, Professor, Sociology

B.A. (Sociology), M.A. (Sociology)

Office:MHEC-400, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 397-2637

Teaching Specialty:


Areas of Expertise:

Introduction to Sociology, Development Studies, Collective Behaviour & Social Movements, Crime and Society, Population, Environment and Society, Stratification, Culture, Tourism, Contemporary Social Institutions

Research Interests:

Prisons, Tourism and Development, Small Island States, Drug Demand Reduction, Marine Protected Areas, Race Relations

Current Research:

  1. The impact of tourism on Bahamian development, economy, environment, society and culture: A study of Abaco, Bimini and Exuma, The Bahamas”. Collaborators: Dr. Ian Bethell-Bennett, Dr. Sophia Rolle.
  2. Race Relations in The Bahamas. (Editors) Dr. Ian Bethel-Bennett, Michael Stevenson, Jessica Minnis.

3. Isles in the Lucayan Sea: Development, Governance and Sustainability in The Bahamas.”(Editors) Dr. Ian Bethell-Bennett, Dr. Sophia Rolle & Jessica Minnis.

Kreimild Saunders, Assistant Professor, Sociology

B.A. (Psychology/Sociology), M.A. (Sociology), Cert. (Women’s Studies), Ph.D. (Sociology)

Office:MHEC-312, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 397-2633

Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Globalization; Development; Sociological Theory; Gender; Race-Ethnicity

Research Interests:

Gender and Development; Gender and Sexuality; Colonization and Development

Current Research:

Gender and Development; Post-Colonial Development

Ava Thompson, Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology

B.A. (Psychology), M.A. (Clinical Psychology), Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)

Office:MHEC-402, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 397-2643

Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Indigenous Psychology (CAMH)

Research Interests:

CAMH, Indigenous, Regional & Global Psychology, Psychology Education & Training, Human Rights & Psychology

Current Research:

CAMH Landscape: Progress and Challenges. Collaborators: Wendy Fernandar, Tonya Gibson, & Richard Adderley. Sponsoring Agency:Bahamas Institute for Child & Adolescent Mental Health (BICAMH)