Kathiann Antonio, Associate Professor, Supervision & Management, Education

B.Sc. (Elementary Education), M.A. (Curriculum & Instruction: Supervision), Ed. D. (Educational Leadership: Higher Education)

Office:MHE-202, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 397-2613


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Primary Education

Research Interests:

Critical Literacy and the Primary Student

Current Research:

An Inquiry into Preparing Posted Teachers for a Professional Development School-University Partnership.

Margo Blackwell, Associate Professor, Literacy

B.A. (Political Science), B.Ed. (Early Primary Education), Ed.M. (Reading)

Office:E-2, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4503


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Reading; Literacy

Research Interests: 

Learning; Sustainability

Faith Butler, Associate Professor, Research Methods

B.Sc. (Elementary Education; Minor: Music), M.Ed. (Reading & Writing), Ph.D. (Curriculum & Instruction)

Office:MHE-100, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 397-2620


Teaching Specialty:

Educational Research Methods

Areas of Expertise:


Research Interests:

Disciplinary Literacy; Immersive Environments for Learning; Arts-based Education; Garden-Based Teaching & Learning

Current Research:

  1. Oral Traditional Knowledge & Experiential Learning for Transformative Education in this study investigators examined the extent to which one group of secondary school “stewards” encountered transformative experiences when they engaged in a project of oral history and experiential learning activities at a traditional family compound in Devil’s Point, Cat Island. The stewards documented historical and anecdotal narratives of the family describing the development, experience, and function of a traditional detached Bahamian kitchen. They also participated in experiential learning activities focused around restoring the kitchen as a means to transform the way they think, learn, and live. Collaborators:Thomas Cleare, Niambi Hall Campbell, Ean Maura, Noelle Nicolls. Sponsoring Agency:Inter-American Development Bank.
  2. Preservice Secondary School Teachers’ Video Self-Report Data on Implementation of Literacy Strategies The purpose of this study is to examine what preservice secondary school teachers’ self-report videos reveal about their knowledge of literacy strategies and about their implementation of literacy strategies in their content area instruction. Data is gathered from 4 preservice secondary teacher literacy classes at the University of The Bahamas. Collaborators:Margo Blackwell, Beulah Farquharson.

Emma Renee Chase, Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education

B.Sc., M.Sc.

Office:MHE-200, Oakes Field Campus RM 200

Phone:(242) 397-2640


Research Interests:

Early Childhood Education; Gender Awareness-Emphasis on “Social Skills” Early Intervention e.g., males.

Veronica Ferguson, Associate Professor, Science Education

A.A. (General Science), B.A. (Biology; Minor: Chemistry), T.C., M.A.(School Administration & Educational Leadership)

Office:A-103, UB-North

Phone:(242) 688-5905


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Science Education; General teaching methodology; Administration and Leadership; Curriculum

Research Interests:

Science methodology(K-12)/Curriculum/Pre-Service Teacher Training

Laura Hancock, Assistant Professor

B.A. (Communicative Disorders), M.A. (Curriculum & Instruction), Ph.D. (Education)

Office:A-103, UB-North

Phone: (242) 688-5937


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:


Research Interests:

Reading comprehension, struggling literacy learners, the integration of literacy and content instruction, and equity in literacy instruction

Norrisa Newton, Assistant Professor

B.A. (Primary Education), M.Sc. (Reading with Inclusive Education), Ph.D. (Education with Specialization in Special Education)

Office: Room 101 MHE Complex

Phone: 397-2600 ext.​ 4244

E-mail: norrisa.newton@ub.edu.bs

Teaching Specialty: Primary Education

Areas of Expertise: Primary Education, Literacy, Inclusive Education

Research Interests:

  • Inclusive Education
  • Public Education Reform
  • Literacy Development of Struggling Learners
  • Teacher Preparedness

Ruth Sumner, Professor, Literacy & Language Arts/Dean, Social & Educational Studies

T.C., B.Sc. (Elementary Education), M.Ed. (Elementary Education in Language Arts), Ph.D. (Elementary Education in Language Arts, with particular emphasis on Reading/Literacy Learning/Adult Literacy)

Office:MHEC-309, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 397-2609


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Literacy; Reading; Language Arts

Research Interests:

Literacy; Teacher Preparation; Sustainability

Neresa Wallace-Bandelier, Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education

B.Sc. (Interdisciplinary Studies), M.Ed. (Early Childhood Curriculum & Instruction)

Office:MHE-102, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 397-2626


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Early Childhood Education; Primary Education

Research Interests:

Early Childhood Teacher Training

Deborah Wright, Assistant Professor, Special Education

B.Sc., M.Sc.

Office:  MHE-203, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 397-2646