Alvaro Bonilla-Chinchilla, Assistant Professor, Spanish

M.A. (Literature)

Office:CATS-76, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 677-3208

Teaching Specialty:

Foreign Languages

Area of Expertise:

Spanish Language

Research Interests:

  1. Contemporary Latin American Literature
  2. Comparative analysis between Latin American literature and classical and contemporary Russian literature
  3. Cinema, theater, song and dance as interdisciplinary strategies for learning Spanish as a foreign language

4. Theater in Spanish as a show to create bridges of communication with the Hispanic & Bahamian community in The Bahamas and to open international bridges with theater groups in other universities in Spain & Latin America

Dr. Jesús A. Meza-Morales, Assistant Professor, Spanish


  • B.A. (Social Communication)
  • M.Phil. (Hispanic Philology)
  • M.A. (Diplomacy and International Relations: Iberic American Studies)
  • M.Ed. (Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language)
  • Ph.D. (Spanish Language & Literature)

Office Location

CATS-81, Oakes Field Campus

Phone Contact


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Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise

  • Spanish language, linguistic, and literature
  • Methodology and Research Design
  • Cultural Studies

Research Interests

  • Spanish in The Bahamas (learning, teaching and diaspora)
  • Pan Hispanism and History of the language
  • Sociolinguistics and Extralinguistic of the Spanish language- Glottopolitics
  • Internationalization, Policy, and Management of Higher Education,
  • Caribbean, Latin American, Canarian Studies, Afro-Hispanic/Latino Studies
  • Interculturality in/of the Spanish
  • Rhythms and Folklore
  • Interlanguage Creative writing

Current Research

  • Pan Hispanic  Competence and Deontology
  • Afro-Hispanic Studies
  • Languages in The Bahamas (Caribbean)
  • Academic events, reviewer and member of editorial committees of scientific publications in Colombia and Venezuela, as well as in regional university quality commissions in Spain.
  • Internationalization.

Haldane Chase, Associate Professor, Spanish & French

B.A. (French & Spanish), M.A. (Spanish), Diploma d’Etudes Francaises

Office:CATS-135C Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 677-3269

Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

French and Spanish Language; Afro-Hispanic Literature, Society and Culture; Oral Tradition in The Bahamas

Research Interests:

Afro-Hispanic Literature, Society and Culture; Bahamian Popular Culture

Marky Jean-Pierre, Assistant Professor, French & Haitian Creole

B.A. (Psychology), M.A. (Applied Linguistics), G.C. (Latin American & Caribbean Studies), M.A. (French & Francophone Studies), Ed.D. (Education), Ph.D. (French & Francophone Studies)

Office:S-6A, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4557

Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Twentieth Century French Literature, Francophone Caribbean Literature, Haitian Language, Culture & History, Creole language studies

Research Interests:

Language ideology in France and the Francophone Caribbean Region; Language instruction, instructional design and students’ academic development; Classroom practices, teacher education, and teacher professional development;

Contemporary Literary theory and Postcolonial Theory.

Current Research:

  1. Language re-appropriation, identity andalterité (otherness) in the contemporary francophone novel: the case of Chamoiseau’s Texaco.
  2. In Praise of Creoleness as a Work of Language Re-Appropriation- a Critical Review and Perspective.
  3. Language dilemmas, language re-appropriation and Minor Literature in Mauther, Cannetti, and Kafka.
  4. Polyphonic Surrealism and language re-appropriation- the case of Césaire
  5. Francophonie, Language Ideology and the crisis of Language Re-appropriation.

6. A poetic of contre parole and a poetic of language reappropriation: The Case of Paul Célan.

Jacinth Taylor, Assistant Professor, Spanish

B.A. (Spanish Language & Literature), M.A. (Spanish)

Office:CATS-74, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 677-3206

Teaching Specialty:

Spanish Grammar, Culture & Translation

Areas of Expertise:

Spanish language and West Indian History

Research Interests:

Andragogy, Metacognition, Active Learning, Curriculum Development, Educational Leadership, Mentorship

Current Research:

Historically, ‘The Profile of the Sentenced Female at The Bahamas Department of Correctional Services, Fox Hill, New Providence, The Bahamas’. Sponsoring Agency:Inter-American Development Bank. Collaborators:UB, Mr. William Fielding

Walteria Tucker-Rolle, Assistant Professor, Spanish

B.A. (Liberal Arts & Sciences, International Studies), M.A. (Comparative Literature: Hispanic and Francophone Caribbean), Ph.D. (Comparative Studies, Languages, Literacies & Linguistics)

Office:S-6A, Oakes Field Campus


Teaching Specialty:

Foreign Languages, Spanish

Areas of Expertise: Foreign Language Teaching and Learning, Hispanic and Francophone Caribbean Literature

Research Interests:

Race, Sexuality, Representation, National Identity, Haitians and Haiti an Hispanic Caribbean Narrative.