Chef Mario Adderley, Assistant Professor, Culinary Arts/Interim Executive Director

A.A.S. (Apprentice Pastry Chef), A.A.S. (Apprentice Chef), B.S. (Culinary Arts), M.B.A. (Hospitality Administration)

Office:CATS 062, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 677-3218

Teaching Specialty:

Culinary Arts; Food & Beverage; Hospitality

Areas of Expertise:

Food & Beverage Training, Purchasing & Storeroom Operations, Restaurant/Kitchen Management, Banquet, Quantity Food Production

Research Interests:

Sustainable food trends within The Bahamas; Historic/classic Bahamian recipes: Island by island; Bahamian Cuisine and its significance to culture

Chef Addiemae Farrington, Assistant Professor, Culinary Arts

B.Sc. (Culinary Management), M. Management, C.E.C., C.C.E.

Office:  CATS 055, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 677-3249

Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Food & Beverage, Culinary Management

Research Interests:

Gaps in Culinary Management

Current Research:

Rebirth of Culinary Apprentice and Certification in Nassau and the Families of Islands (Caribbean)

Chef Devain Maycock, Instructor, Culinary Arts

A.A.Sc. (National Apprentice Cook), C.H.E., C.E.C., C.C.E.

Office:CATS 059, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 677-3215

Teaching Specialty:

Culinary Arts, Hot Kitchen

Research Interests:

Convenient Foods

Chef Christina Moseley-Rolle, Assistant Professor, Culinary Arts

A.A.Sc. (Culinary Arts), A.Sc. (Baking & Pastry Arts), B.Sc. (Hotel Management), M.Sc. (Organizational Learning & Leadership)

Office:  CATS 071, Oakes Field Campus


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Baking & Pastry Arts

Research Interests:

Culinary Management

Current Research:

Organizational Development

Chef Eldred Saunders, Assistant Professor, Culinary Arts


Office:  CATS 075, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 677-3222

Chef Sterling Thompson, Lecturer, Culinary Arts

A.A.Sc. (Hotel & Restaurant Management), B.Sc. (Hospitality Management)

Office:CATS 063, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 677-3212

Teaching Specialty:

Front & Back of House

Donna Williams, Assistant Professor, Culinary Arts

B.Sc. (Nutrition), Dip. Ed. M.Sc. (Tourism & Hospitality Studies)

Office:  CATS 060, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 677-3239

Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Food Science; Food & Beverage Business Subjects

Research Interests:

Food & Beverage; Farm-to-Table

Current Research:

Farm to Table: An Economic Review