Dr. Mattias Johansson, Assistant Professor, Marine Biology

BSc in Marine Biology
MSc in Marine Biology
Ph.D. in Fisheries Science

Office Location
UB-North, Grand Bahama

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Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise
Dr. Johansson did postdoctoral research at Oregon State, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and the University of Windsor and was previously an Assistant Professor of Marine Biology at the University of North Georgia – Gainesville. His teaching interests are diverse in marine biology and ecology, with teaching experience including courses in Evolution, Ecology, Marine Biology, Introductory Biology, Invasion Ecology, Marine and Coastal Zone Management, Conservation Studies, Ichthyology, and Marine Ecology.

Research Interests
His research interests mostly focus on population genetics and molecular ecology of aquatic organisms, and he has published on organisms as varied as the giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera), rockfishes of the genus Sebastes, bacteria, and the ctenophore genus Beroe. Dr. Johansson’s more recent research interests have focused on invasive species, and on using DNA tools to understand the spread of invasive species locally and globally.

Dr. Johansson lives on Grand Bahama with his wife, Sarah, and five cats: Allie, Juniper, Laney, Mookie, and Sly. Since moving to The Bahamas, he has rekindled his love of scuba diving, and become involved with local sustainability issues.

Jelena Andrejic, Assistant Professor, Biology

B.Sc., (Biology with Ecology), M.Sc. (Biology with Ecology), Ph.D. (Applied Botany)

Office:G-11-E, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4300 Ext. 4486


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Micro Biology, Plant Physiology

Research Interests:

Microbiology, water quality analysis, microalgae

Current Research:

Diatoms from the Savannah River Estuary. Collaborators:Dr. Kalina Manoylov. Sponsoring Agency:Georgia College and State University

Clare Bowen-O’Connor, Assistant Professor, Biology

B.Sc. (Botany & Biochemistry), Ph.D. (Agronomy)

Office:C-2, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4300 Ext 4237


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Plant Biotechnology, Plant Biology, Plant Taxonomy, Micropropagation of woody crops; ecophysiology of crops; conservation and landscape horticulture in tropical environments; sustainable agriculture and agroforestry

Research Interests:

Tissue culture of woody plants and food crops; Drones in agriculture, Landscape Horticulture in the Caribbean, Crop Ecophysiology Agroforestry, ICT and Agriculture, Virtual research environments for ethnobotanical research

Current Research:

The flora, its distribution and the relationship that indigenous populations of the past had with the plants is little know in the Chaquaqua Basin of Colorado. It is believed that there is a significant relationship between the use of the plants and the distribution and development of the indigenous populations. These sites are often difficult to access and require many resources for data collection, therefore, it would be beneficial to digitize the less accessible areas of the landscape for use in virtual research and virtual scientific problem solving.  Thus, the on-site data will be used to develop a 3D model which will be the basis for designing a multidisciplinary course to enhance online/virtual education that incorporates both temperate and tropical landscapes and allows crossover training in archeobotany, economic botany, sustainable use of landscapes, ecotourism, and agroecotourism. Collaborators: Elizabeth Lynch. Sponsoring Agency: University of Wyoming

Jacklyn Chisholm-Lightbourne, Assistant Professor, Biology

B.Sc., M.Sc. (Biology)

Office:G-11-B, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4569


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Biology; Ecology

Research Interests:

Shoreline changes, Climate change, water quality and species diversity, water quality and ecosystem health. Invasive species

Current Research:

Ecological and geographical baselines studies related to the sponging industry and sponge population; Investigating water quality; Investigating microplastics in the marine environment of New Providence. Collaborators:Craige Dalgren/Karl Szekielda

Paul De Luca, Assistant Professor, Biology

B.Sc. (Biology), M.Sc. (Zoology), Ph.D. (Biology)

Office:C-2, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4582


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:


Research Interests:

Arthropod biodiveristy; Arthropod behaviour

Current Research:

Diversity and geographic distribution of buzz-pollination in North American bees and plants. Collaborators: Dr. Andrew Mason (Univ. Toronto); Dr. Mario Vallejo-Marin (Stirling Univ.); Dr. Candace Galen (Univ. Missouri); Dr. Stephen Buchmann (Univ. Arizona). Sponsoring Agency:National Geographic Society

A Lester Flowers, Assistant Professor, Biology

B.Sc., M.A.

Office:C2, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4300 Ext. 4239


Williamson Gustave, Assistant Professor, Biology

Williamson Gustave, Assistant Professor, Biology

B.Sc. (Biology with Chemistry), M.Sc. (Environmental Sciences: Polymer Chemistry), Ph.D. (Environmental Sciences), Ph.D. (Environmental Sciences: Biogeochemistry)

Office: Room 8, GTR Campbell SIS Complex

E-mail: williamson.gustave@ub.edu.bs

Teaching Specialty:

Microbiology; Soil Ecology and Function; Biogeochemistry; Environmental Remediation and Rehabilitation

Areas of Expertise: 

Microbial interaction with soil minerals, plant roots, organic matter and inorganic pollutants. Microbial extracellular electrons transfer. Soil Microbial Fuel cells.

Erecia Hepburn, Assistant Professor, Biology

B.S. (Animal & Poultry Science), M.S. (Agriculture & Applied Economics), Ph.D. (Public Policy, Concentration: Agriculture)

Office:C-2, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4300 Ext. 4237


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Agriculture; Plant Biology; Plant Physiology; Bioethics

Research Interests:

Agritourism; Food Security; Climate Change; Agriculture, Policy; Food Linkages; Agrohealth

Current Research:

1.Health and Food Security in The Bahamas

2. Approaches to obtaining Food Security

Lionel Johnson, Assistant Professor, Biology

B.Sc., Dip.Ed., M.Sc. (Biology)

Office:C-2, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4568


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Ecology, Botany, Invertebrate Zoology

Sandra Phillip-Burrows, Assistant Professor, Geography

A.A. (Education), Dip.Ed., B.Sc. (Geography), M.A. (Geography), M.B.A., Post-Bac. Cert. (GIS)

Office:G-2, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4300 Ext. 4236


Teaching Specialty:


Areas of Expertise:

Human (Bahamas, Urban, Economic, Environmental, Sustainability

Research Interests:

Environment; Sustainability

Current Research:

Revitalization of Sponge Industry on Andros Island, The Bahamas. Collaborators:Lionel Johnson, Lester Flowers, Jackie Chisholm-Lightbourne. Sponsoring Agency:Bahamas Agricultural & Industrial Corporation/IDB

Larry Russell, Assistant Professor, Biology

B.Sc. (Biology), Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Office:G-11-E, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4486


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Biology; Pharmacology; Toxicology

Research Interests:

Cancer Therapeutics

Tanya M. Simms, Assistant Professor, Biology

Tanya M. Simms, Assistant Professor, Biology

A.A. (Biology with Chemistry), B.Sc. (Biology), M.Sc. (Biomedical Sciences), Ph.D. (Biology)

Office: G-11-D, Oakes Field Campus

Phone: (242) 302-4589

E-mail: tanya.simms@ub.edu.bs

Teaching Specialty:

General Biology, Physiology

Areas of Expertise:

Forensic Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology

Research Interests:

DNA profiling, population genetics

Mark Stephens, Associate Professor, Biology

B.Sc. (Environmental Science), M.Sc. (Quaternary Science), Cert. (Teaching Skills for Higher Education), Ph.D. (Geography)

Office: Ground Floor, G.T.R. Campbell SIS Research Complex, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4436


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise: 

Geography; Geomorphology

Research Interests: 

Tropical environmental change, karst geomorphology, geoconservation, geoarchaeology, natural hazards, fieldwork pedagogy

Kayla Stubbs, Assistant Professor, Biology

A.Sc. (Biology, Minor: Chemistry), B.Sc. (Life Sciences), D.C.

Office:G-11-C, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4442


Teaching Specialty:

Human Anatomy & Physiology; Bioethics; Healthcare Ethics; Jurisprudence

Areas of Expertise:

Human Anatomy & Physiology

Research Interests:

Occupational Health Risks

Adelle Thomas, Visiting Professor

B.A. (Engineering Science); B.Sc. (Civil Engineering), M.Sc. (Geography), Ph.D. (Geography)

Office:A-115, Keva M. Bethel Building, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4348


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:Human/Environment Geography

Research Interests:

Climate change adaptation and loss and damage in small island developing states

Current Research:

  1. Climate Change Loss and Damage in Small Island States. Collaborator:Lisa Benjamin.

2. Longitudinal Analysis of Hurricanes in The Bahamas

JoyAnne Thompson, Assistant Professor, Biology

B.Sc., M.A. (Teaching)

Office:G-2, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4435


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Animal Biology; Anatomy & Physiology; General Biology; Vertebrate Zoology; Ecology

Research Interests:

Feeding modalities in animals; Beach erosion

Veronica Toppin, B.Sc. (Biology), M.Phil., Ph.D. (Physiology)

Assistant Professor, Biology

Office:G-1, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4436/38


Teaching Specialty:

Anatomy & Physiology, neurophysiology, respiratory physiology, endocrinology, microbiology, epidemiology, prasitology

Areas of Expertise:

Neurophysiology; Infectious diseases epidemiology

Research Interests:

Infectious disease epidemiology especially arbovirology, neuroendocrine control of respiration, Health disparities in women, role of climate change in spread of infectious diseases, sustainability in health

Gregg Ward, Assistant Professor, Biology

A.A. (Biology with Chemistry), B.Sc. (Biochemistry), Ph.D. (Pharmacology)

Office:Room A-204, UB-North



Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology

Research Interests:

Neurobiology of Drug Abuse focusing on Cannabinoids