Jyoti Choudhury, Assistant Professor, Accounting

Jyoti Choudhury, Assistant Professor, Accounting

B. Com (Accounting), M.Com. (Accounting), Dip. Ed., Ph.D. (Commerce/Accounting)

Office:B-16, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4423


Teaching Specialty/Area of Expertise:


Research Interests:

Development and Financing of Small Scale Industries; Entrepreneurship

Kelley Duncanson, Assistant Professor, Accounting

B.Sc. (Accounting), M.B.A. (Accounting), Ph.D. (Management; Minor: Economics)

Office:A-204, UB-North

Phone:(242) 688-5923


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Management, Accounting, Statistics & Economics

Research Interests:

Organizational Behavior; Ethics; Teaching Methods

Current Research:

Learned Attitudes toward Socially Accepted Cheating Perpetuated through Faculty Comportment: A Cross Cultural Study. Collaborators:Brigitte Major-Donaldson and Esmond Weeks

Randy Forbes, Assistant Professor, Economics

A.A. (Psychology), B.S. (Economics), Dip.Ed., M.B.A. (Economics)

Office:B-10, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4430


Teaching Specialty:

Economics, Statistics & Research

Research Interests:

Entrepreneurship and Consumer Confidence

Tri D. Lam, Associate Professor, Economics

Adv. Dip (International Trade), Bach. (International Trade/Banking & Finance), M.B.A. (Finance), Ph.D. (Economics)

Office:FRW-20, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4300 Ext: 4417


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Economics; Finance; Research Methods; Statistics

Research Interests:

International Trade, International Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Development Economics, Transition and Regional Economies

Current Research:

The purpose of this study is to establish a good economic model for a high-and sustainable economic growth of The Bahamas in the long run, especially at a time when it is going to become a member of the World Trade Organization. This UB model will help the Bahamian policymakers in developing various comparative advantage export industries as well as competitive strategies in the global market.

Dale McHardy, Assistant Professor, Banking, Finance & Economics

B.A. (Economics), M.B.A., C.E.P.A., M.A. (Applied Economics)

Office:B-14, Oakes Field Campus



Teaching Specialty:

Economics & Finance

Areas of Expertise:

International Economics, International Finance, Economic Development, Monetary Economics

Research Interests:

Foreign Direct Investment

Remelda J. Moxey, Associate Professor, Accounting/Dean, Faculty of Business, Hospitality & Tourism Studies

B.Sc. (Management), M.B.A., C.P.A.

Office:2ndFloor, West Wing, FR Wilson Graduate Centre, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4372


Teaching Specialty:


Olivia Saunders, Professor, Banking, Finance and Economics

B.Sc. (Economics), M.B.A.(Executive), M.A. Economics, D.B.A. (International Business)

Office:Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4428


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Economics, Research

Research Interests:

Bahamian Economic Development

Current Research:

  1. Slaveholders Reparations – An overview of the payments received by former slaveowners who were compensated for loss of their property, that is, their slaves in the Bahamas colony, after Emancipation. The data used for this study is from the University College London’s, Legacies of British Slave-ownership Centre. This paper answers four questions:How much compensation was received by former slaveholders in the Bahamas colony in1834? What was the distribution of this compensation? What is the 2017 price equivalent of the compensation paid? What would be the value the compensation in 2017 using prevailing interest rates (£).
  2. A critique of the practice and effect of global capitalism on nations. Focusing on a) vulnerabilities and dependencies exploited and created b) independence gained or lost and new dependence that have arisen c) the characteristics of the undefined or mis-defined identities that have been shaped, this paper compares, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. Collaborators: Gordana Pesakovic, PhD. Professor, Southern New Hampshire University and Yorkville University
  3. A comparison of the nature and structure of Caribbean economies with respect to explaining the epidemic of unemployment in the region. Social-Economic data are used for analysis.

Jose Velasquez, Assistant Professor, Economics

B.S. (Agricultural Engineering), B.Sc. (Agricultural Economics), M.Sc. (Agricultural Economics), Ph.D.(Agricultural Economics)

Office:B-12, Oakes Field Campus

Phone:(242) 302-4431


Teaching Specialty/Areas of Expertise:

Economics, Business Statistics, Intermediate Statistics, Techniques of Research, Production and Operation Management, Quantitative Methods (Economics), Managerial Economics, Econometrics & Mathematics

Research Interests:

Student learning and issues in the freshman year; Identifying equilibrium points economics and production of biofuels

Current Research:

  1. Prison Economy: Learning What We Do Not Know
  2. Do female or male students perform better at University of The Bahamas?

3. Factors that influence individuals acquiring tattoos.