One of the greatest rewards in life is being able to do the kind of work that we are passionate about and that we have the skills and abilities to perform well. Communication and Creative Arts is the unit that trains and produces visual artists and graphic designers; photographers and videographers; musical performers, composers, church musicians, media and digital platform communicators; bilingual, trilingual and multilingual interpreters and translators, all of whom work in multicultural and multilingual spaces and are trained to integrate and contribute creatively to the development and welfare of all.

If you have a facility for oral or written expression, if you are passionate about digital technology, if you tend to reflect on social problems in your environment, your country, or the world with a critical, analytical and creative mind, then Media Journalism is the choice for you. This programme prepares you to be a professional communicator, able to express yourself across all forms of electronic and digital media, including radio, television, video and other digital platforms. You can become that powerful and truthful voice that contributes to establishing social justice in your country and the world!

If your passion is art and you have an aptitude for drawing, if you can imagine yourself immersed in the beauty of colours, textures, photography or graphic design that uses the latest digital technologies, then the Visual Arts is an exact fit. Our programme gives you the opportunity to develop your artistic talent, while respecting and promoting your unique creative vision and interpretation of your inner and outer world, using forms and techniques that best suit your artistic passion.

Perhaps your passion has always been music; maybe you were born with a sharp and sensitive musical ear and innate musical skills. Performing Arts prepares you in theoretical and practical ways so that your natural talent is developed and you can achieve your musical aspirations. Music is one of the purest, most authentic, and most valuable expressions of humankind. It expresses the individual and collective. In fact, The Bahamas is a nation of extraordinary musical talent. You can be part of the repertoire of acclaimed musicians who raise the country’s musical standard on a national and international level.

Maybe you find the study of foreign languages appealing, but may not be aware of your inborn ability to acquire and master a foreign language. Our programmes in Foreign Languages train you in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing a foreign language. They take you on an exploration of the history and culture represented by the language, through creative and dynamic literature and classes that employ the most relevant technologies, like digital cinema and some of the many digital platforms. The Department of Foreign Languages empowers you to become an interpreter or translator, to communicate fluently in other languages within diverse social and professional settings such as tourism, hospitality, banking, education, health and commerce.

In summary, Communication and Creative Arts can be illustrated in one single image: that of an academic giant which looks at the present and the future with a broad creative and artistic vision, which communicates with the international world and embraces the best and most innovative technologies, all while its feet are firmly rooted in the Bahamian reality and itssubstantial needs.Come and be part of this growing academic giant. You are truly welcome here!


Alvaro Bonilla-Chinchilla, Chair
S-7, Oakes Field Campus
(242) 302-4483