POLICY – Board Committees
POLICY – Board Orientation and Development
POLICY – Board Self-Evaluation
POLICY – Code of Ethical Conduct
POLICY – Conflict of Interest
POLICY – Executive Compensation
POLICY – Programme Advisory Committees
POLICY – Reimbursement of Trustee Expenses
POLICY – Reservation and Delegation of Authority
POLICY – Honourary Degrees
POLICY- Selection of a Commencement Speaker
POLICY – Substantive Change
POLICY – Adherence to Accrediting Body’s Policy Statements
POLICY – Publication of Accreditation Status
POLICY – Maintenance of Organizational Chart


POLICY – Deployment and Use of University-Owned Mobile Devices
POLICY – Development, Approval and Maintenance of University Policies
POLICY – Email Usage
POLICY – Emergency Response Management
POLICY – Severe Weather During Athletic Events
POLICY – Social Media Use by Athletes
POLICY – Sports Induced Concussions
POLICY – Use of the Wireless Infrastructure
POLICY – Physical Resources
POLICY – Marketing Collaterals and University Communications
POLICY – Media Relations
POLICY – Acceptable Usage
POLICY – Athletic Department Team Travel
POLICY – Visual Identity and UB Trademarks


POLICY – Hazing
POLICY – Drug Testing for Athletes
POLICY – Paid Work Study
POLICY – Fraternities and Sororities
POLICY – Notification of a Missing Residential Student


POLICY – Student Awards Grants Financial Aid and Scholarships
POLICY – University Libraries Collection Development Policy
POLICY – Circulation and Use of Library Materials
POLICY – External Access to University of The Bahamas Libraries
POLICY – Interlibrary Loan
POLICY – Graduation
POLICY – Full-time Faculty
POLICY – Faculty Workload
POLICY – Role of Faculty
POLICY – Responsibilities and Functions Fulltime Faculty
POLICY – Organisation of Academic Field Studies
POLICY – Minor Programmes
POLICY – Grading
POLICY – Grading for Continuing Education Courses
POLICY – General Education Programme
POLICY – Cross Moderation
POLICY – Bachelor Degree Programmes
POLICY – Associate Degree Programmes
POLICY – Academic Regalia
POLICY – Academic Probation, Suspension, Withdrawal and Expulsion



POLICY – Budget Process and Accounting Controls
POLICY – Budget Principles