Each year we pause to reflect on the impact we have made on the lives of our students, in our community, on our individual islands, in our country as a whole and our contribution to the global community.

In the University of The Bahamas annual reports we attempt to capture and share stories from the previous academic year about our talented students, whom we equip with the skills and the understanding to address the urgent challenges of the 21st century.  We celebrate the partnerships that have led to innovations and transformations in our institution.  We recognize the new knowledge created by our faculty that improves the quality of life for students and enhances their experiences while at the University.

Our impact is made possible by all members of the University community.  In this way, we are learning from one another.  In this way, we are creating a better world.  In this way, we are leading together.

Archive of Annual Reports (PDF)

For additional information about the current and historical annual reports of the university, explore reports from previous years in PDF format.