UB offers a variety of intramural activities to relieve stress and help students, faculty and staff become involved in recreational activities regardless of age, gender, skill level or experience. Participation has a positive effect on self-esteem, increases confidence and improves the quality of the UB experience. For some students, intramurals are the single common bond they share with other students and are the basis for developing a social network.

Located in the Wellness Centre on the Oakes Field Campus, the Intramural Department develops programmes, coordinates and publicizes events, and schedules and supervises activities and competitions. The Department also governs participation, entry and competition procedures and arbitrates disputes.

Intramural activities are available every semester. They take place every Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Male, female and co-ed activities are organized at various skill levels. Participants also choose from a variety of individual or team activities. Trophies and/or medals are awarded to championship teams; that is, the team which wins the best out of three series or games in the play-offs.

• Recreational Swimming – Intramural
• Iron man / Iron woman  – Competition
• 5 on 5 Basketball League – Intramural
• Co-ed Volleyball League  – Intramural
• Flag Football League –  Intramural
• Bench Press Competition  – Intramural
• Co-ed Volleyball League – Intramural

  • Persons must be a current UB student, faculty or staff member.
  • Persons must form a team and select a coach or team representative to liaise with the Intramural staff. The coach/team rep is responsible for filling out the team roster and returning it to the Intramurals office.
  • New students who wish to participate, but who are not a member of a team, should contact the Intramurals Director.


Contact Us
Jasmaine Harper
Director of Intramurals and Recreation
Student Affairs, Oakesfield Campus
Phone: (242) 302-4498
E-mail: jasmaine.harper@ub.edu.bs