Service of Thanksgiving Commences UB Charter Week

Service of Thanksgiving Commences UB Charter Week

A Service of Thanksgiving held on Sunday 6th November at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Nassau commenced the historic Charter Week for the University of The Bahamas (UB), an institution whose establishment was heralded since 1977.

On Thursday 10th November 2016 the College of The Bahamas will become the University of The Bahamas in a momentous Charter Ceremony held at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.

Stakeholders who have contributed to the growth trajectory of The College of The Bahamas, government officials, supporters and members of the public were among those who attended the church service and witnessed history in the making.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie acknowledged the significance of University’s charter to the Bahamian people and its anticipated role as a unifying force in The Bahamas.

“A university does so much more than educate a population. It aids in research, in defining and creating public policy. A university is a space where imagination is encouraged and dreamers are free to make their dreams come true. At the university, we will nurture talent and inspire new leaders,” he said during his remarks at the service.

The Prime Minister added that the entire Bahamian archipelago will become the campus of UB.

“Every citizen, from North to South will have the opportunity to study closer to home. That will be a blessing to those people and a boon for the economies on those islands. Already the existing campuses are growing to accommodate more students – national, regional and international,” he noted.

“It is my sincere hope that we harness this blessing and use it for the maximum benefit of all. At the University of The Bahamas, the doors will be open. We will be inclusive and we will encourage diversity.”

Minister of Education, Science and Technology Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald, a former member of the College Council, paid homage to the persons who have helped to build the institution and prepare it to operate as a university. Minister Fitzgerald implored all Bahamian citizens to nurture a desire for higher education.

“It is my desire that every single young person in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas would have a desire to pursue tertiary education; be it academic, technical or vocational. It is time for us to truly make education a core value and to engrain in the hearts and minds of our citizens that education is the most valuable asset to any human being,” he noted.

“Education remains the most powerful weapon to alleviate poverty, fight crime, eradicate unemployment and comprehensively address many of the social ills that plague our communities.”

UB Charter Week also includes a Panel of Presidents scheduled for Wednesday 9th November at the Oakes Field Campus where current and former university presidents will discuss the role of a university in the community.

At the Charter Day Ceremony scheduled for 10th November Dr. Rodney D. Smith will also be inaugurated as the first President of UB.