In addition to the development of skills and competencies in the major area of study, UB offers a broad liberal arts education.  With the exception of the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree programme, students in undergraduate programmes take General Education (Gen Ed) courses in student development; computer literacy; physical education, health or nutrition; a foreign language; literacy; numeracy; the Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.  Gen Ed courses ensure that students graduate from UB with more than the disciplinary knowledge and skills provided by courses in their major.  The Gen Ed programme ensures well-rounded individuals by providing students with a basic understanding of other disciplines.

Students in bachelor degree programmes take a minimum of fourteen Gen Ed courses or 37 credit hours: 28 lower-level credits (100 – 200 level courses) and 9 upper-level credits (300 – 400 level courses). Students in associate degree programmes take a minimum of eleven Gen Ed courses or 28 lower-level credit hours.

Based on prior learning, students may be exempted from some Gen Ed courses. Students seeking an exemption should submit a completed Request for Course Exemption Form to the Records Department, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., weekdays.

The following courses may be taken to fulfill the following Gen Ed requirements:

Student Development (1 credit)

COUN100 First Year Seminar (1 credit)

Computer Literacy (1 credit)

CIS 100 Computer Literacy (1 credit)
EDLT100 Computer Literacy for Education (Education majors only) (1 credit)

Physical Education/Health/Nutrition (2 credits)

EDU 105 Introduction to Jujutsu (2 credits)
EDU 106 Introduction to Judo (2 credits)
EDU 107 Introduction to Karate (2 credits)
EDU 211 Physical and Health Education (2 credits)
HLTH100 Current Issues in Health (2 credits)
NUTR100 Basic Principles of Nutrition (2 credits)
PED 100 Swimming (2 credits)
PED 101 Introduction to Volleyball (2 credits)
PED 102 Introduction to Football (Soccer) (2 credits)
PED 104 Introduction to Health-Related Fitness (2 credits)

Literacy (6 lower-level credits; 3 upper-level credits)

ENGW119 Writing and Rhetoric I (3 credits)

Students may be exempted from ENGW119 on the basis of AP English grade 4 or higher or IB English Higher Level 5.

ENGW120 Writing and Rhetoric II (3 credits)
ENGW300 Advanced Composition (3 credits)

Numeracy (3 credits)

MATH163 Finite Mathematics (Non-Science, non-Mathematics and non-Technology majors only) (3 credits)
MATH167 Precalculus I: Algebra (Mathematics, Science and Technology majors only) (3 credits)

Students may be exempted from MATH167 on the basis of IB Mathematics Higher Level 4.

Foreign Language (6 credits of the same language)

CREO103 Introductory Haitian Creole I (3 credits)
CREO104 Introductory Haitian Creole II (3 credits)
CHIN103 Introductory Chinese I (3 credits)
CHIN104 Introductory Chinese II (3 credits)
FREN102 Introductory French for Hospitality & Culinary Arts (3 credits)
FREN103 Introductory French I (3 credits)

Students may be exempted from FREN103 on the basis of BGCSE French grade ‘B’ or ‘C’ or AP French grade ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’.

FREN104 Introductory French II (3 credits)

Students may be exempted from FREN104 on the basis of BGCSE French grade ‘A’ or AP French grade ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’.

SPAN103 Introductory Spanish I (3 credits)

Students may be exempted from SPAN103 on the basis of BGCSE Spanish grade ‘B’ or ‘C’ or AP Spanish grade ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’.

SPAN104 Introductory Spanish II (3 credits)

Students may be exempted from SPAN104 on the basis of BGCSE Spanish grade ‘A’ or AP Spanish grade ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C.

SPAN105 Introductory Spanish I – Study Abroad (3 credits)
SPAN106 Introductory Spanish II – Study Abroad (3 credits)

Humanities/HMNS (3 credits)

ARTH107 Introduction to Bahamian & Caribbean Art (3 credits)
ARTH207 Survey of Art II (3 credits)
COM 107 Introduction to Human Communication (3 credits)
COM 150 Introduction to Mass Communication (3 credits)
COMM211 Business Communication (3 credits)
CRE 210 Introduction to Haiti, It’s People & Culture (3 credits)
ENGL108 The Oral Tradition in Bahamian Literature (3 credits)
ENG 201 Introduction to Theatre (3 credits)
ENG 208 Bahamian Literature (3 credits)
ENG 270 Introduction to Acting (3 credits)
FILM216 Introduction to Film Studies (3 credits)
LING220 Introduction to Sociolinguistics (3 credits)
LIN 225 Talking Bahamian: From Bay Street to Bain Town (3 credits)
MUS 100 Introduction to Bahamian Music (3 credits)
MUSC201 Survey of World Music (3 credits)

Natural Sciences/NASC (3 lower-level credits; 3 upper-level credits)

AGRI229 Agricultural Economics (3 credits)
ASTR242 Modern Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology (3 credits)
BIOL109 General Biology (3 credits)
BIOL116 Ecology (3 credits)
CHEM100 Chemistry in the World Around Us (3 credits)
GEOG100 Introduction to the Geography of The Bahamas (3 credits)
GEOG205 Geography of the West Indies (3 credits)
GEOG217 Intro to Geographic Information Systems (3 credits)
MATH168 Precalculus II: Trigonometry (3 credits)
PHYS101 The Physics of Everyday Things I (3 credits)
PHYS102 The Physics of Everyday Things II (3 credits)
PHYS164 General Physics I (4 credits)

Students may be exempted from PHYS164 on the basis of IB Physics Standard Level.

SCI 171 General Science I (3 credits)
BIOL475 Bioethics (3 credits)
PHYS301 Energy, Society and the Environment (3 credits)
SCI 371 General Science II (3 credits)

Social Sciences/SOSC (3 lower-level credits; 3 upper-level credits)

HIS 112 History of The Bahamas I (3 credits)
HIS 113 History of The Bahamas II (3 credits)
HOTO100 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism (3 credits)
POL 113 Government and Politics in The Bahamas (3 credits)
PSY 100 Intro to Psychology: Social Sciences Foundation (3 credits)
PSY 101 Intro to Psychology: Natural Sciences Foundation (3 credits)
PSY 105 Human Growth and Development (3 credits)
PUBA201 Public Administration I (3 credits)
SOC/GLO 100 Introduction to Globalization (3 credits)
SOC 111 Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)
SOS 201 Social Structure in the Third World (3 credits)
SOC 215 Race and Ethnic Group Relations (3 credits)
SOC 218 Sociology of Human Sexual Behaviour (3 credits)
HIS 325 Race, Class and Gender in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century Bahamas (3 credits)
HIS 371 Topics in Twentieth–Century Caribbean History (3 credits)
HIS 376 Women and Gender in the History of the English Speaking Caribbean (3 credits)
HIS 471 Caribbean Migration since the 18th Century (3 credits)
POL 313 Political Economy of The Bahamas (3 credits)
PSY 310 Consumer Psychology (3 credits)
PSY 340 Child and Adolescent Psychology (3 credits)
PSY 350 Culture and Behaviour (3 credits)
PSY 425 Psychology of Gender (3 credits)
PSY 440 Group Dynamics (3 credits)
SOC 302 Bahamian Society and Culture (3 credits)
SOC 303 Youth and Society (3 credits)
SOS 390 Field Studies I (3 credits)
SOC 431 Urban Society (3 credits)
SOWK404 Social Dimensions of HIV/AIDS (3 credits)
SOWK408 Domestic Violence (3 credits)
SOWK415 Grief and Loss (3 credits)
SWK 311 Diversity in a Multicultural Society (3 credits)