A transcript is a record of a student’s academic performance. The transcript lists all courses in the specific year and semester/session in which they were taken, the final grade for each course and the semester and cumulative grade point average (GPA).

Students should monitor carefully their transcripts at the end of each semester to ensure they are in good academic standing. Students who are not in good academic standing, that is whose GPA falls below 2.00, should meet immediately with their academic advisor. [link to Calculating the GPA]

Official Transcripts

Students whose tuition and fees are paid up-to-date may request an official transcript from the Records Department. Students must complete the Transcript Request Form [link to form] and pay the requisite fee online or at the Business Office, Student Services Centre, Oakes Field Campus, or Administration Building, University of The Bahamas-North.

Unofficial Transcripts

Students can download an unofficial copy of their transcript using Self Service. [Click here to Access]