Welcome to the Faculty of Social and Educational Studies. The work that we do has a direct bearing on our society and its future development as we address the challenges that confront us.

Our mission is aligned with the University’s ongoing efforts and achievements in teaching, scholarship and service. Our programmes seek to transform, promote critical thinking, creativity and curiosity. As our mission states, ‘The Faculty of Social and Educational Studies, through its highly qualified educators, is committed to lifelong learning and to establishing a significant presence in and influence over national development and policy-making initiatives through the development of signature programmes and excellence in teaching, scholarship, research and service.’ Our Faculty seeks to maintain an on-going dialogue that addresses social, economic and civic issues within our Commonwealth. We also seek to create an environment conducive to quality, innovation and inquiry to meet the needs of our constituents.

To our students, this will be your home for the duration of your programme. We want you to utilise it and get to know us. We are your family. We look forward to getting to know each of you. We encourage you to work diligently in your chosen field of study but to also be open to the many other offerings that we provide and to explore other opportunities.

Our Faculty plays a critical role in the development of our country and we expect our students, upon completion of their studies, to take their rightful places in society and indeed the world.

Once again, welcome each and every one of you! We are happy that you have chosen to join us.


Dr. Ruth Sumner
Dean, Social and Educational Studies
Office:Room 309, Michael H. Eldon Complex, Oakes Field Campus
Phone: (242) 397-2609
E-mail: ruth.sumner@ub.edu.bs

Mrs. Sybilean Knowles
Administrative Assistant I
Office:Room: MHRC-309, Oakes Field Campus
Phone: (242) 397-2609
E-mail: sybilean.knowles@ub.edu.bs