Welcome to the Faculty of Liberal and Fine Arts!

Fine and liberal arts provide a transformative approach to life and learning. As we transition to the University of The Bahamas, we are excited by the changes and developments this entails. We plan to offer more courses that bring a uniquely local approach to learning as well as framing it in a global context.

The Arts provide ways to reduce conflict and serve as tools for peace and compassion that build community and foster understanding. We are building a more dynamic and larger programme in Visual and Performing Arts which includes music and art. We hope to offer cutting edge art programmes that utilise the uniqueness of geography to inform a degree that will draw persons from near and far. This approach will offer our students the best education and the greatest exposure to the world. Both UB and The Bahamas have culturally unique aspects and worthy experiences that can transcend our small geopolitical size to produce renowned artists, cultural theorists and thinkers. We are committed to the arts and the development of the cultural arts, especially as the Government of The Bahamas has mandated that the arts be a pillar in national development and that culture be used as a driver for tourism production.

In Liberal and Fine Arts we understand that in a globalized world, we must adapt to meet the changing times; this we commit to doing as a part of the government’s mandate and the move to university. We are now globally connected and, as our artists are already internationally well known, we will build on this to create small dynamic programmes that will make us world class.

We also offer language and cultural experiences that equip our students to travel the world for work or for pleasure. We hope to expand this area as the need for languages and cultural sensitivity becomes even more important. To produce a world class tourist destination, we must be able to communicate with those whom we attract to our shores. We must also be able to participate in the global market; the courses and experiences we currently offer and will seek to expand work to foster this appreciation and understanding.

Language skills and journalism bring people together through common understandings and shared information. We offer excellent courses which produce young people who can meet the demands of the 21st century. One’s ability to use language and linguistic skills to analyse, critique and create sound, well-reasoned decisions is essential to prosper in the world today. Communicating across cultures and spaces is also important as globalization has meant the change of platforms and interrelations that make our daily lives what they are. The ability to work between social media and traditional text-based communication is essential. We are poised to promote this kind of well-grounded 21st century state of being and look forward to welcoming you into our community of learners.