Welcome to the Faculty of Liberal and Fine Arts!

Welcome to Liberal and Fine Arts!

Comprising English Studies and Communication and Creative Arts, the Faculty of Liberal and Fine Arts offers programmes that contribute to the intellectual development of students and prepare them for their roles as thoughtful, responsible and productive citizens.  We provide opportunities for students to develop and enhance their communication and critical thinking skills; explore and develop their creative and artistic abilities; and acquire an increased awareness of themselves and others.  Our programmes and courses emphasise written and oral communication, critical analysis, creative expression, problem solving and the inter-connectedness of all people.

Our bachelor degree programme in English helps students develop skills in literary and cultural interpretation and analysis that allows them to examine the role ideology, aesthetics, history and socio-political change play in the theory and practice of creative expression. Our visual and performing arts programmes help bring pleasure and perspective to our lives. Students are encouraged to embrace creative forms of self-expression that bring order and understanding to an oftentimes chaotic world.  In today’s global community, our foreign language programmes provide the opportunity for students to study and assimilate the languages and cultures of countries in which they may one day live and work.  Media journalism provides students with the ability to think clearly, critically, compassionately and analytically and to communicate in a variety of platforms encompassing print, broadcast, online and digital media.

Liberal and Fine Arts also serves all UB students through the General Education Programme. Students take three semesters of writing courses and two semesters of the same foreign language in addition to a course in the Humanities. As such, we help to drive the liberal arts mission of the University and help to produce well-rounded students who are better prepared for the world of work, our communities and further academic studies.


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Lashanda Adderley, Administrative Assistant I
Office: A-86, Keva M. Bethel Building, Oakes Field Campus
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