The world in which we live is one of deep interconnectedness, rapid change in major technological advances and significant economic and political uncertainty. The globalisation of commerce and industry, coupled with explosive growth and innovation in technology, demand that the work force continues to acquire new knowledge and skills or enhance existing ones.  Steven Covey’s, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, encourages: “begin with the end in view”. This is the modus operandi of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning.  For us, that end is to help produce and improve the job-related knowledge and skills of the Bahamian workforce who must keep pace with current emerging needs.

To better meet these needs, we will continue to expand our existing service delivery model to include a holistic, eclectic and adaptive focus on the need of individuals and organizations that we serve.  We will continue to augment our programmes and partnerships with local and international entities.  In order to remain on the “cutting edge”, we will:

  • Continue to develop broad-based competencies, specific knowledge and experiences needed in the workforce;
  • Offer programmes in contextual learning and workplace skills;
  • Enhance personal and professional growth that leads to more efficient and effective employees;
  • Utilize practical, proven, current global “best practices” in education and training;
  • Create opportunities for the development of effective communication and presentation skills for upward mobility and work-force success;
  • Offer opportunities for personal and professional development for employers, employees, the unemployed as well as retirees.

Continuing Education has accomplished much since it was established as a Division at the College of The Bahamas in 1979.  We owe a debt of gratitude to those educators who built the foundation upon which we stand: Dr. Arthur Roach, Dr. Joan Vanderpool, Mrs. Inez Peet and Dr. Phil Pinder, to name a few.  We thank those individuals who more recently expended much time and effort to modernise Continuing Education: Mrs. Marlene Henry, Mrs. Altamease Munroe, Mrs. Lorraine Bastian Jones, Mrs. Jenny Kettel and Rev. Dorinda Dean.  To our staff, we extend a heartfelt thanks for your continuous support.

The work of Continuing Education and Life-long Learning is exciting and rewarding.  We will work with our colleagues to ensure that our University is the best in the region and is outstanding in the global arena.


Dr. Christina Rahming-Nwosa
Associate Vice President
Oakes Field Campus
Office: Moss Road
Phone: (242) 326-2025